The Lush Beauty Of Nature, Bukit Khayangan

Entering the Kerinci Regency in the province of Jambi, one will be greeted by the lush beauty of nature. Rows of mountains and hills on the horizon, fresh green rice paddies, and the fresh breeze blowing in your hair will definitely indulge those who are  fortunate enough to set foot here. The best place to experience the rare beauty of Kerinci’s nature is at the Bukit Khayangan.

Simply translated as “the heavenly hill”, this is the perfect spot to admire the mesmerizing natural spectacle of the Kerinci regency: here are flocks of goats quietly grazing, farmers and buffaloes plowing the fields, and mountain ridges gallantly standing on the horizon, Bukit Khayangan is truly a sanctuary for those who seek peace and serenity far away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Bukit Khayangan, Kerinci Mountain
Bukit Khayangan, Kerinci Mountain (Source :

The hill lies 1,500 meters above sea level and offers a panoramic view looking down on the grand landscape of the Kerinci Regency and the town of Sungai penuh. When  initially, only a lone gazebo stood on top of the hill to marvel at the view, but since  2013, a park complete with facilities has been added to the area.


Considering its proximity to the  West Sumatra Province, there are plenty of Minangkabau or Padang restaurants in the Kerinci Regency. However, if you wish to trully taste the distinct flavors of Kerinci you can try the Rumah Makan Ikan Semah (Ikan Semah Restaurant) in R.E Martadinata Street, Sungai Penuh area, or the Al Restaurant at Pidung village.

Sungai penuh is the hub and center of facilities in the Kerinci Regency. If you wish to buy souvenirs of Kerinci , you can find these at the Beringin Jaya Market or the Tanjung Bajure Market.

There are simple hotels and modest inns at Sungai penuh to stay. Among these are the Hotel Jaya Wisata, Hotel Aroma and Hotel Busana whose rates start from about IDR100,000. However if you want a fully facilitated hotel, you may want to try the Hotel Kerinci whose room rates start from IDR250,000.

The best thing to do on Bukit Khayangan is actually to relax and do nothing and just let nature immerse you in its pristine beauty. The hill offers the best view of Mount KerinciLake Kerinci, the town of  Sungai penuh, and the lush green land in between.

Those who enjoy photography will find the scenery here  more than worth capturing, especially at sunrise and sunset.


It takes an 8-10 hours drive from Jambi City, capital of Jambi Province, before you reach Sungai penuh town, which is the hub of the Kerinci Regency. From there it is another 30 minute’s drive to Bina Karya Village, before you reach Bukit Khayangan.

Here are some of the Travel Services serving the Jambi – Sungai penuh route:

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