Manado Boulevard Area

In the evenings, the Boulevard Area is a center where you find Manado’s best food. It is also an icon of the city of Manado, capital of the province of North Sulawesi. This was previously only a center where small vendors and street cafes used to serve various types of Manado cuisine. Food was sold from carts that used to line along the beach front, but the area has now been modernized with the construction of malls and shopping centers lining the Boulevard.

At present, there are four malls here, among these are the Manado Town Square (Mantos), the Boulevard Mall, the Bahu Mall and Mega Mall. Behind the Bahu Mall and Mega Mall you will find cafés, restaurants and food stalls serving various appetizing Manado dishes as well as other Indonesian fare such as gado-gado, bakso (meatballs), fried rice and seafood.

The Boulevard area of Manado
The Boulevard area of Manado (Source :

These malls are located at the Pierre Tendean Boulevard, which is a landmark for the local community, which, with its total length of 4.1 kilometers it is the widest and longest coastal street in the region.


Visitors can enjoy various types of Manado typical foods such as the famous grilled pig ribs and seafood. You can also find local foods such as gado-gado, bakso, coto makasar, etc. in this area.

You can also buy local souvenirs from shops here such as at the Merciful Building or others near Market 45.

Manado offers a variety of hotels, cottages and bungalows at different rates. Hotels located along Pierre Tendean are among others the Hotel Formosa and Hotel Quality.

Besides eating and enjoying the beach, there are lots of interesting things to do here. When the weather is good, you can see the islands of Manado Tua and Bunaken islands from this point. During clear weather, watch the golden sun slowly set behind the horizon from the Boulevard.

Manado waterfront, the boulevard areaManado waterfront, the boulevard area
Manado waterfront, the boulevard area (Source :

While waiting for the night to fall, you can order typical Manado foods such as grilled pig ribs, grilled fish and more.  Cafes, tent food stalls along the beach have various styles and tastes to choose from. After enjoying the food, drop in at the malls along the Boulevard.


You can walk or drive to enjoy the activities at the Pierre Tendean Street and along the waterfront.


The Boulevard Area is located along Pierre Tendean Street in Manado and is accessible by public transport or private car. It is strategically located and has become a new attraction for the locals with its many malls, hotels and restaurants.


If you want to watch the beautiful sunset, make sure to be at the Boulevard before 05.00 pm, especially on Saturdays since all seats are usually taken by visitors who come here from all districts outside Manado.

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