Borobudur And Prambanan Tour in Indonesia

Borobudur Temple, a marvelous ancient Buddhist structure situated about 42 kms from Yogyakarta, in central of Java Island, Indonesia. The temple was built in the 9th century and is a masterpiece of architecture. The temple presents various levels, countless statues, perfect stupas and many stone carved reliefs and consists of three platforms that sit on top of six different square platforms.

Sunrise at Borobudur
Sunrise at Borobudur (Source :

Borobudur Temple is now the one of the most visited tourist sites in Indonesia. There are three prestigious qualities that make Borobudur temple become one of the World Heritage site. First, by its architecture and precision. Second, by its technology. And the third, by its arts, culture and tradition. Borobudur Temple is also used as a ceremonial celebration of the holy day of Vesak by Buddhists.

Prambanan Temple
Prambanan Temple (Source :

Not far from Borobudur Temple, there is Prambanan Temple, a 10th century ancient temple. The Prambanan Temple complex has an architectural wonder, an amazing historical sight, and a picturesque Hindu temple. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is classified as one of the most impressive ancient temples in the world. Prambanan temple complex has three zones. A large stone fence surrounds the complex at the outer square, however, it has deteriorated throughout the years. The middle square zone consist of 224 shrines. And the inner square, the most important and holiest are, is the home of three central temple structures.

The three important temples are dedicated to the trio of Hindu gods, they are Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma. The biggest temple that is about 47 meters in height, is dedicated to Shiva. Borobudur Temple and Prambanan Temple are the ancient temples that are placed in Indonesia. Like the famous, Angkor Vat in Cambodia, both of that temples are world heritage sites. The architectural, technology and art are very magnificent. Those are compelling site to visit.

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