Big Saving Tips For Indonesia Group Travel

Indonesia is very famous and renowned for the numerous islands in the country. With over 13,000 of islands, Indonesia has lots and lots to offer to any tourist groups. The islands are varying from the cool sand and raucous volcanoes of “God of island”, Bali to the vibrant colors of Jakarta. You can also see the amazing animals like Komodo dragon and Orangutans which make your visit to Indonesia memorable.

The food and accommodation is very reasonable across the country, which makes is the perfect destination for your dream holidays. One can save lots of hard earned money with some simple tips while travelling in group and below are some of these tips.

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Proper Planning

When you are traveling in groups you need all things in good numbers, whether tickets or hotel accommodation. There is a serious need for proper planning to maximize your saving and planning as early as possible is the first important step. You need to bargain hard on the basis of the number you have and also look out for the best deal. You should also look out for combo deals and offers which can also save a lot.

Strive For The Package

You should also try to look out for a complete package, which not only cut down the travel expense, but also ease your trip as everything is planned and you need to watch out for anything.


Food is one of the most necessary and important part of our travelling plans. While travelling, you must plan for your meals in advance and better manner to avoid and shocks later on. Indonesia is the place for foodies as you can easily find lip smacking food in any of the restaurants or street stalls. If you are travelling in groups it’s always advisable to eat from food hawkers or street stall to cut down your bills. You need not to worry about the hygiene as food is very hygienic and also quite cheap compared to any restaurant.


Indonesia is also very popular for the local markets and shopping is something which is very craving. Due to the varying and rich cultural and religious values you can’t resist with shopping. Number of people in your groups also increase the chances of exceeding your shopping limits. The scope of bargaining is extremely bright in Indonesia. Always look out for the local markets and bargain hard for getting the best price.

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