Belitung Island, Popular Destination For Beach Lovers

Belitung island has been overlooked for many years as a popular destination for beach lovers. This is slowly changing with the onset of an airport on Belitung and easy access from Palembang via hydrofoil. Tourism is slowly taking hold and it’s Belitung that has come off the better with her sister island, Bangka.

Map of Belitung island, Sumatra
Map of Belitung island, Sumatra (Source

Belitung will stun you with its natural beauty, pristine waters and that ever so sought after white sand beach. All of this you can enjoy in relative isolation, as even today the beaches are not thronged with multitudes of travellers but just a sprinkle and even a few Jakartans wanting to escape for a weekend break away from the big city.

Laskar Pelangi Beach, Belitung island
Laskar Pelangi Beach, Belitung island (Source :

The best way and quickest mode of transport is the plane. There are daily flights from Jakarta with Garuda and the journey only takes around 45 minutes. The other option if you are travelling from Sumatra is to take the ferry from Palembang. There are daily hydrofoil services connecting Sumatra mainland to Belitung and Bangka.

Tanjung Tinggi beach, Belitung
Tanjung Tinggi beach, Belitung (Source :

The main reason people come here is for the beach and there are numerous beaches to choose to from. The best beach by far has to be Tanjung Tinggi. It is here where you will find the crystal clear waters and white sand. The sand is so pure that when trodden upon it will squeak! The attractive thing about this beach is the rounded boulders jutting out of the sea. It is very easy to hire a boat and pass the day snorkeling around these rocks while admiring the immense beauty Belitung has to offer.

Tugu Satam, Tanjung Pandan
Tugu Satam, Tanjung Pandan (Source :

Tanjung Pandan is the main town on Belitung and doesn’t really have that much to offer. If you are arriving by ferry, you will undoubtedly land here. Taxis can be found just outside the ferry terminal to take you to your destination.

The airport is 14 kms outside Tanjung Pandan and fixed price taxis can be found just outside the terminal.

Tourism is starting to take hold of the island and it is becoming a good source of income for the economy of the island. By whatever means you get to Belitung, you will not be disappointed with its natural beauty.

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