Batang Palupuh, The Giant Flowers Rafflesia Arnoldii

Batang Palupuh is a refuge for the giant flowers Rafflesia Arnoldii, blooming only once a year in November. A guide can be obtained from the office at the reserve.

Batang Palupuh Nature Conservation Center (Rafflesia Park)
Batang Palupuh Nature Conservation Center (Rafflesia Park) (Source :


After a close look (and smell) of the flowers, you might not want to eat on the spot, so it’s advisable if you dine in the neighboring cities.

Your best bet is to find souvenir shops in Bukittinggi, plenty to see and buy there.

Various hotels and inns in Bukittinggi.

View the magnificence of Rafflesia Arnoldii, a giant flower which is actually a parasite, luring insects and digest them to thrive. It grows for 9 months and only flowers for about a week.

Rafflesia Arnoldii
Rafflesia Arnoldii (Source :


On foot.


From Bukittinggi, use a car to this area.


Since Rafflesia arnoldi only blooms for a week, it is advisable to come in November and consult the tour agencies if you want to see the blooming flower.

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