Banten’s Secluded Tunda Island

While prime destinations in the province of Banten such as the Ujung Kulon National ParkTanjung Lesung Resortand the Old Banten Complex may already be wellknown among domestic and international tourists, this province still has plenty of astonishing attractions, secluded form popular spotlights. One of such fascinating hidden treasures is Tunda Island off the northern coast of Banten Bay.

Located administratively within the Serang Regency, Tunda Island is an enchanting little island surrounded by beautiful underwater wonders. From Serang City, the capital of Banten Province, the Island can be reached  in roughly 2 hours boat ride from the port of Karangantu. With relatively calm waves, the sea around the island is filled with an abundance of coral reefs of various colors, shapes, and size. “Finding Nemo” will be no problem here, since one will have plenty of opportunities to watch clown fish as well as other  underwater creatures.

Tunda island, Banten
Tunda island, Banten (Source :

Between the month of July to September, visitors will also get the opportunity to observe migrating dolphins that  are sometimes seen circling the island.

Aside from snorkeling and diving, Tunda Island is also a perfect place for fishing. Whether it is with the latest rod and state of the art fishing equipment, or doing it in traditional ways with direct line and pure muscle power, the experience of dueling with giant trevally (GT) and other big fish will certainly be cherished by those who enjoy the sporting art of fishing.

The beauty of the island is also portrayed in the spectacular sunrise and sunset which present a fascinating panorama and enchantingly serene ambience.

Tunda island beach, Serang
Tunda island beach, Serang (Source :

Tunda island covers a total area of 257.5 hectares, and administratively consist of only one village named Wargasara Village. The island has not been developed much for tourism, however with the growing number of visitors to the island, a number of houses of the local people have now been fitted as guesthouses.

There is also a traditional boat building  center where one can observe how traditional wooden boats are made entirely by hand.


Do keep in mind that the island has. As yet not been developed for tourism, so you will not find any hotels or inns here. The only available accommodation is to stay at local guesthouses. These guesthouses charge between IDR 300,000 to IDR 500,000 per house that can accommodate as many as 25 persons. Meals are available at extra cost, that you need to negotiate and add to the guesthouse rental.


To reach Tunda, you can rent a boat from Karangantu port, or take the regular Ferry that serves the route Karangantu – Tunda Island every Monday, Tuesday, and Saturday. The cost of renting a boat that can accommodate to 25 passengers to Tunda Island varies from IDR 2.5 million to IDR 3 million (for a return trip).

The regular passenger ferry from Karangantu port to Tunda Island only operates three days a week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. The ferry boat departs Karangantu on those days at 13.00 West Indonesia Time, while from Tunda Island it departs at 10.00 West Indonesia Time.  The charge is IDR 50,000 per passenger per trip.


For your convenience, it is best to arrange your trip to Tunda Island through travel agents who offer tour packages to the island.

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