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Located in the basin of Parahyangan mountains  in West Java, at an altitude of 750 meters above sea level so it has cool air and only about 180 km from Jakarta with only 2-3 hours travel time via highway Cipularang, Bandung tourism has become one of the favorite things in Indonesia, especially for Jakarta residents.

Bandung City
Bandung City (Source :

Indeed, Bandung has been famous since the Dutch colonial era. At that time, the natural beauty of Bandung has attracted the hearts of the rich people from Batavia to relax and enjoy the cool air Bandung. Once a while the city was nicknamed “Garden of Allah” and then “Paris van Java”. A great name for appreciating Bandung.

Bandung provides many interesting experiences for you. Here are some Bandung tourism experiences that you should not miss while visiting Bandung.


Since 1980, one of the most popular of Bandung was the center for garment industry. At that time, a clothing from Bandung will have more value as an attractive design creativity and not too expensive. Today, Bandung still continues the creativity, only if in the past a lot of the clothes delivered and sold to various regions, then now, there are a lot of Factory Outlets (FOs) that sell various types of clothing and still not too expensive. The FOs can be found in RE Martadinata Street, Djuanda Street and Setiabudhi Street. Various shades of stores offered by the FOs and many of them also provide restaurant.

Factory outlets, Bandung
Factory outlets, Bandung (Source :

If you want to try something traditional nuances, then you can try shopping at Pasar Baru (New Market), a traditional market with a modern look. There, you should be able to bargain to get what you want. Pasar Baru is one of the most popular shopping markets in Bandung.

Another Bandung attraction for shopping is in Cibaduyut, south of the city. There are centers of leather craftsmen. You can find various models of shoes, sandals, wallets, handbags and belts made of leather, with a good quality. But unfortunately, now the industry is less developed.

Natural Adventures

Surrounded by mountains makes Bandung has many natural attractions. To the north of Bandung, there is a small town, Lembang, located at the foot of volcanoes Tangkuban Perahu. Lembang offers a cool and fresh atmosphere and of course, the beautiful scenery. There is a Catholic Sisters Convent there, Carmelite Monastery.

On the Volcanoes Tangkuban Perahu (means overturned boat), there are several craters that can be visited, the largest Kawah Ratu (Crater of the Queen). Around the slopes of this mountain, there is Cikole camp. Following the way about 4.5 km to the north, there are another tourism sites, Ciater.

Mount Tangkuban Perahu - Lembang
Mount Tangkuban Perahu – Lembang (Source :

Ciater is hot springs and there you can pamper yourself with a soak in warm water while enjoy the beautiful natural. On Saturday night, Ciater is more crowded by the visitors than any other time.

In the southern of Bandung, there is a lake, Situ Patenggang. The scenery of this site is really beautiful and it has cold temperature. Not far from Situ Patenggang, there are hot spring attractions, Cimanggu, and White crater which is famous for its beauty, so often used for pre-wedding photos.

Another tourism site is family recreational park. There are many family recreational park, all of them equipped with a restaurant such as, Kampung Gajah in Cihideung, Paku Haji in Ngamprah, Ciwidey and Kawah Putih. All About Strawberry in Cimahi and much more.

In addition to shopping and nature, Bandung still has another attraction. Below is another attraction of Bandung.

Hunting culinary

Another Bandung attraction, culinary. Bandung is also famous for various kinds of food offered by the vendors. The food in Bandung is famous for the delicious flavor and even more so because the creativity. Lots of food created with a unique process. For example, Brownies Kukus (Steamed Brownies). Usually, brownies are baked, but this one is cooked by steamed so display different texture and taste from the original one. Brownies kukus is just one of many creative foods developed by the chefs.

Likewise, the dishes in restaurants and diner. Many of them present the type of cuisine with their own creations with a delicious flavor.

Brownies Kukus
Brownies Kukus (Source :

As in other big cities in Indonesia, food bazaar also become one of Bandung attractions. There, lined eatery offers excellent cuisine and is ready to serve you. There are many food fairs in Bandung, some of them, on Cibadak road that offers various types of Chinese cuisine , on the Cisangkuy street which offers a more diverse cuisine, ranging from traditional to western cuisine and also on the Cikapundung road that offers seafood.

Views of Bandung at night

When the sun sets, night life began in Bandung. The attractions does not stop at night. There are even more activity that can be done to spend the night in Bandung. You can hunt for food in eatery on the roadside and then, when the night getting late, the dance floor started calling you to join a club.

But it’s not what I meant by night in Bandung. Go with your partner or your family or your friends into the hills to the north of Bandung, such as to Dago or Ciumbuleuit or Setiabudhi or even further, Lembang. Then, from the hills, enjoy the night scenery of Bandung in the distance with flickering lights.

Dago Thee Huis, a restaurant on the Dago that serves Asian and European cuisine, is my favorite place to enjoy the panorama of Bandung at night. Dago Thee Huis is an old Bandung tourism attraction. It was built since the Dutch colonial period.

Dago Thee Huis, Bandung
Dago Thee Huis, Bandung (Source :

And, Kampung Daun, a cafe in Cihideung. In here, you will be in the middle of nature, between the cliffs and waterfalls. With proper lighting, the natural feel of the show so fascinating.

Well, both at Dago Thee Huis or Kampung Daun at night, you’ll find a peaceful and romantic nuances. Hmm, I can not explain it more detail. You better visit and experience it yourself. You will understand what I mean. There are many more Bandung tourism attraction that you would find. Just visit us here, we welcome you.

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