Bandung Nightlife

Zorg, dat als ik terug kom hier een stad is gebouwd !

Make sure, that when I come back here a city must be built!

This is what was ordered by the Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies HW Daendels when controlling the construction of the Great Post Road in Java in 1810. And now, where Daendels ordered it to be point 0 km in the city of Bandung.

Bandung is a city located in the cool temperate mountain in western Java. The town is busy during the day this will turn into a fun place at night. You will enjoy the cool night air and if you are in the hills of northern Bandung then the city lights in the distance will add the beautiful views of the city. Bandung night life begins.

Toward the evening, then as in other big cities in Indonesia, you will find a wide variety of Bandung night life in this capital city of West Java Province. Bandung night life is began. Various roadside eatery began to appear, coloured the Bandung night life. They offer a wide variety of foods. Or maybe you want to have dinner at a restaurant in the Dago Hills to spend your Bandung night life while enjoying views of the city of Bandung. You can also pamper yourself with a soak in the hot sulfur water in Ciater. Or you want your night more energetic on the dance floor. Yeah.. some of Bandung night life.

Here are some “Bandung Night life” activities you can do to spend the night in Bandung.

Roadside eatery

Cibadak road, Bandung
Cibadak road, Bandung (Source :

Bandung night life on the Road Cibadak, you will find a row of eatery. If you like Chinese cuisine is available a variety of Chinese dishes here. You can also find a row of food stalls in Cisangkuy Road. Located in the vicinity of city parks, dining shops offers a more varied types of cuisine, ranging from traditional foods, such as satay and oxtail soup until European cuisine such as steaks were observed.

Dinner at the hill side

City views from Cocorico Cafe, Bandung
City views from Cocorico Cafe, Bandung (Source :

You can have a dinner at a romantic restaurant for spending your Bandung night life. Many restaurants are located in the hills of northern Bandung. They are serving a variety of cuisines. In addition to a variety of cuisine, they also offer cool air bandung and city views at night with lights flickering in the distance. You will find something romantic for you Bandung night life.

Hot water bath at Ciater

Ciater hot spring, Bandung
Ciater hot spring, Bandung (Source :

Ciater a fountain not far from Mount Tangkuban Perahu. Located about 25 kilometers north of Bandung. Soak in hot water at night in Ciater is one of Bandung night life favorite activities. Even at night visitors more than in the daytime.

Dance floor

Amnesia Club, Bandung
Amnesia Club, Bandung (Source :

For those of you who like an energetic evening then there are many clubs and bars that can be visited. There are various clubs and bars ranging from modern music to dangdut music. Yeah.. Bandung Night life !!



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