Bandung Factory Outlets Galore For Apparel And Leatherware

Home to Indonesia’s many textile factories, the city of Bandung offers a large number of factory outlets where Jakarta shoppers regularly flock to, to find the latest trendy apparel at reasonable prices. Those planning to travel to cool climates will stock on warm clothing here in Bandung. You will find Factory outlets or distribution stores (known as Distros) dotting the main Dago avenue (now called Jalan Ir. H. Juanda), along Jalan Riau (officially kown as Jalan R.E. Martadinata), or up the road to Lembang, where Jakarta cars regularly jam the parking lots especially over the weekends. Jalan Cihampelas is the favorite street to buy clothes-and by the way, the street is also famous for the many stores selling all kinds of crispy tid-bits to bring home to colleagues and relatives. Many of these outlets are housed in beautiful colonial homes, for which Bandung was once famous.

In Bandung you will also find leather goods, from the reasonably priced to branded goods, made here in Bandung. You will find a large variety of handbags and shoes in all shapes and sizes. While there are many in the city, most popular are “Diaz” and “Elizabeth”, the suburb of Cibaduyut specializes in shoes and leatherware.

Factory outlets in Bandung, West Java
Factory outlets in Bandung, West Java (Source :

Since the opening of the Cipularang toll road between Jakarta and Bandung, the distance between the two cities now only takes some 2 hours through picturesque countryside. So just making a short day visit to Bandung is worth your while.


Leather shoes, jackets, bags, and goods in Cibaduyut will delight young and old alike. Since Bandung has so many choices of food, why not buy the famous batagor, brownies, molen, and other delicacies for your loved ones.

Plenty of lodgings are available in this city. From youth hostels to five-starred hotels, choose the one that is suitable for you.

You can visit the Japanese cave in Dago, amuse yourself in Lembang area, take hot spring water bath in Lembang, visit Tangkuban Perahu also in Lembang, and many more. You can ask the locals or people from travel agents for more information.


Bandung is relatively small, so from one place to another you can use a public transportation or taxi. To make it easier, rent a car. On that way, you can save your energy to shop!


From Jakarta, you can take a flight to Bandung. Those who are interested in seeing the panorama between Bandung and Jakarta might find riding a train more to their liking. Or you can rent a car to come to this city. It’s only takes two or three hours to drive though.

The streets of Dago are easy to locate. From the Bandung’s train station or airport, you can book a cab ride to Dago for about Rp 25,000. Most cabs use flat rates.


  • Not all stores accept credit cards, so make sure you have sample amount of cash ready.
  • Check and recheck before you purchase an item. Some stores have non refundable policy.
  • Try every item before you buy it, if possible.
  • Drink and eat before you shop. Shopping with an empty stomach is indeed and unpleasant experience.
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