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Bandung factory outlet is one of many atrractions of Bandung city, which sells various kind of clothes. The factory outlets are very famous in Indonesia especially for the resident of Jakarta. Every weekend or holiday, they come to Bandung and for the most of them, this is the favorite destination for their vacation and of course, for shopping.

Since 1980, Bandung was known as a center of garment industry. But that time, there was only several factory outlet, which centered in Cihampelas Street and and the clothes that produced was unique and creative design. So, most of people wore the clothes form Bandung factory outlet proudly. The other advantages of the clothes is the good quality and budgeted price.

Factory outlets, Bandung city
Factory outlets, Bandung city (Source :

Today, the factory outlets were scaterred throughout the city. The most of the stores are in the RE. Martadinata Street, Ir. Djuanda Street, Cihampelas Street and Setiabudhi Street. Every weekend or holiday, the streets are full with of the visitor. Almost of them come to Bandung factory outlet for shopping and some of them come just for fun.

A lot of outlets provide a restaurant or canteen or at least sell some food. This make the guest can more enjoy their vacation. But it does not matter wheter it has a restaurant or not because, generally there are many restaurant or eatery around the Bandung city.

Almost the outlets provide various kind of clothes and accessories. But, some of them specialize to one segment only, such as men’s clothes or clothes for kids or for teenagers. Some of the outlets sell bags, shoes and another accessories and they don’t sell clothes.

The Factory Outlets, Bandung
The Factory Outlets, Bandung (Source :

Every factory outlet offers different theme and nuances. About 10 years ago, there was a outlet which offers a Chinese Emporium theme. Many visitor came to that store because they were interested by its atmosphere.

Here are some of Bandung Factory Outlet:

  • Stamp Factory Outlet – Banda Street
  • Old Coffee Factory Outlet – Banda Street
  • Bale Anak Factory Outlet – Sumatera Street
  • Big Price Cut – Aceh Street
  • Carga Factory Outlet – Diponegoro Street
  • For Man Factory Outlet – LLRE. Martadinata Street
  • Terminal Tas Factory Outlet – LLRE. Martadinata Street
  • The Factory Outlet Boutique Summit  – LLRE. Martadinata Street
  • Heritage Factory Outlet – LLRE. Martadinata Street
  • Rich & Famous Factory Outlet – Ir. H. Djuanda Street
  • DSE (Ir. H. Djuanda Stock Exchange)- Ir. H. Djuanda Street
  • Stock Centre -Soekarno Hatta Street
  • Best Choice Factory Outlet – Sukajadi Street
  • Rumah Mode Factory Outlet – Setiabudi Street
  • Clothing Factory Outlets Gallery – Setiabudhi Street

Let’ go shopping …. !

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