Bandung, The Sundanese Land

Geographically Bandung lies in 6°55′ south, 107°36′ east. Bandung is the capital city of West Java province and located about 150 km south Jakarta. Bandung has become one of the Jakarta’s people most favorite cities to visit and also known as Parisj van Java.

The climate in Bandung is cooler than most Indonesian cities and can be classified as humid; the average temperature is 23.6 °C (74.5 °F) throughout the year. The average annual rainfall ranges from 1,000 millimetres in the central and southeast regions to 3,500 millimetres in the north of the city. The wet season conforms with other Indonesian regions, around November to April with temperature vary from 180 C – 300 C (640 F – 860 F).

Bandung city now become famous with culinary and fashion shopping tourism. Here you can find a lot of factory outlet fashion and many kind traditional food & beverages seller.

Around Riau Street, R.E Martadinata Street, Cihampelas Street, Merdeka Street and Dr. Setiabudi street you can find many factory outlet fashion. In Bandung, you can find also various traditional foods such as batagor, nasi tutug oncom, sayur asem, ayam goreng (fried chicken), pepes and many more.

Gedung Sate
Gedung Sate, Bandung (Source :

Bandung also has full of historic places. Some of famous are in Asia Afrika street you can find former building of Asia Africa Conference was held in 1955; In Diponegoro street lies Gedung Sate as governor office; Savoy Homann hotel in Asia Afrika Street and Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) building in Ganesha Street.

How to get there?

From Jakarta there are 2 main routes to Bandung city:

  • Route via Puncak-Cianjur to Padalarang and then take Toll Padaleunyi highway, take exit in Pasteur gate.
  • Take Jakarta Cikampek highway; follow the highway to Bandung course. This highway also called Toll Cipularang. The highway connected with Toll Padaleunyi highway. After enter Toll Padaleunyi highway in Padalarang gate, take course to Bandung and take exit in Pasteur gate.

The airport of Bandung is Husein Sastranegara Airport, located in Padjajaran Street number 156; services flight from Jakarta, Bali, Batam, Surabaya, Singapore and Malaysia.

There are 2 central bus stations:

  • Leuwi Panjang, located in Soekarno Hatta street number 205; services bus route to westen Java such as Jakarta, Bogor, Merak, Sukabumi, etc.
  • Cicaheum, located in Cicaheum Street; services bus route to eastern java such as Cirebon, Sumedang, Tegal, Indramayu, Ciamis, etc.

There are 2 train stations:

  • Station Hall / Bandung, located in Kebon Kawung Street. This is main train station in Bandung.
  • Station Kiaracondong, located in Kebon Jayanti Street, Kiaracondong.

Others tourism objects nearby:

Kawah Putih

Kawah Putih Ciwidey
Kawah Putih Ciwidey (Source :

These craters are located at Ciwidey, about 40 km south of Bandung in the slope of mount Patuha. The craters have been now filled with sulphuric water giving them different hue and colours. Sometime it looks that the craters have been covered by the ice sometime they change colour from blue to green. The temperature in this area is around 5 – 22 °C.

Ciater Hot Spring

Ciater hot spring
Ciater hot spring (Source :

The Ciater hot spring is located at the slope of mount Tangkuban Perahu and has become a favourite picnic spot for the residents of Bandung. The distance is about 32 km north of Bandung and easily accessible by road.

Tangkuban Perahu (Capsized Boat)

Mount Tangkuban Perahu in West Java, Indonesia
Mount Tangkuban Perahu in West Java, Indonesia (Source :

This site is located around 28 km north of Bandung. This is a 2,000 meter wide volcano. The route to Tangkuban Perahu is a mesmerizing introduction to Bandung landscape. Crater can be accessed by the bus only while you may have to walk on to reach the Geological Station on the upper rim of the crater. On an active crater you can also see the boiling water jetting out of the ground.


Maribaya waterfall
Maribaya waterfall (Source :

This site is located around 22 km north of Bandung and east of Lembang. Maribaya is well known for its hot springs, the sulfur-laden water, a comfortable place for swimming and enjoying the scenery of a 25-meter Ciomas waterfall set against a steep mountain cliff.

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