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It’s from long time ago, Bandung was known as a tourist destination. Cool weather and beautiful scenery made Bandung became a pleasant place for a vacation. Dutch East Indies government officials from Batavia (now Jakarta) often went to Bandung for a vacation from routine activities. And, the plantation owners around Bandung, had a weekly gathering in Sociteit Concordia, Bandung (Now, Asia-Africa Conference Museum). So then, they needed accommodation for staying. Even once time,  the Dutch East Indies government planned to move the capital city, from Batavia to Bandung. But, it did not happen.

Because of Bandung tourism developed so rapidly, then the needs for Bandung accommodation facilities also increased. There were only few in the past, then now there are many accommodation has been built. A lot of hotel and villas are offered. Also, plenty many resorts have been developed. All of them are ready to serve and meet the needs of the guests.

Padma Hotel - Bandung
Padma Hotel – Bandung (Source :

Hotels, consisting of a variety of classes. From the non-star hotels to 5 star hotels. Some of these hotels are international classes such as Hyatt, Sheraton, and Hilton. The hotels scattered throughout the city, but most of them are in the middle of town to the hills in the north of the city. Many of Bandung accommodation, especially the non-star hotels, providing a less expensive rates, though they still give good service. What distinguishes are the facilities provided. Such as hotel, is better for they prefer city life than nature.

Another kind of accommodation is villas, that are also numerous in the hills in the north and south of Bandung. In the southern hills of Bandung, these villas are located in areas such as Pangalengan, Ciwidey and Cimanggu. While in the nothern hills of Bandung, the villas are in areas such as Maribaya, Lembang and Parongpong. The sites are usually located in the high of hills with the cool air and beautiful scenery.

Villa in Bandung
Villa in Bandung (Source :

There are some famous villa complex in north Bandung such as, Villa Istana Bunga (Flower Palace Villa) and Villa Air (Water Villa) in Lembang that are always fully booked when the holidays. Villa is good for family or group vacation.

Bandung resorts
Bandung resorts (Source :

Resorts is also a kind of Bandung accommodation. Most of the resorts are in the hills at north of Bandung such as the Green Forest Resort, Lembang Asri Mountain Resort and San Gria Resort. Meanwhile, the resort in the southern Bandung is Patuha Resort. Resort is better for the people who like the nature environment.

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