Bandar Lampung, The Capital And Largest City Of Lampung

Perched on the hills overlooking Lampung Bay, Bandar lampung is the capital and largest city of Lampung, the southern-most province on the island of Sumatra. The city acts as an inter-island hub and main gateway to Sumatra from Java. As the fourth largest city in Sumatra, Bandar lampung plays a pivotal role in the development and economic activities of the island. Located approximately 165 kms northwest of Jakarta, the city is the starting point for visitors before making trips to the Way Kambas National Park, the Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park, the still active remants of Mount Krakatau, and many other attractions found throughout this province.

Calling this the gateway to Sumatra is not an exaggeration. Its proximity to the Bakauheni Seaport and the international Airport of Radin Inten II in South Lampung makes it a central point, accessible both by air and sea. From the south end, Bandar lampung is also the first major city on the inter-province highway called the Trans Sumatra. This highway leads all the way to the northern-most end of Sumatra as well as this large island’s western parts, covering a total distance of no less than 2,200 Kms. An overland journey on this road offers its own pleasures, as you will discover some of the best scenic views on Sumatra.

Bandar Lampung city
Bandar Lampung city (Source :

Bandar lampung is an amalgamation of two separate towns; Tanjung karang on the hilly areas and Teluk Betung on the coast of Lampung Bay. In 1990, the two towns, along with Panjang area converged into a single integrated city.

History recorded that during the catastrophic eruption of Mount Karakatau in 1883, the town of Teluk Betung suffered the heaviest blow. From a total of 36,000 million who died that day, almost half were residents of Teluk Betung. As a reminder of this disaster, a huge steel buoy that was washed up from the sea has been made as monument commemorating this huge eruption and ensuing tsunami. Set in a small park on Veteran Street, the Krakatau Monument shows the sheer power of the eruption, and tsunami when a half-ton steel material could end up so far away from shore.

The city of Bandar Lampung
The city of Bandar Lampung (Source :

As a tourist destination, Bandar lampung has plenty to offer, from natural splendors, cultural legacies, to various recreation parks. On Lampung Bay, 20 km south of the city center, visitors can enjoy the calm beach and the soft pearly white sand at the White sand Beach. Still in the Teluk Betung area, the Bumi Kedaton National Park  features countryside ambience, complete with cool breeze, accompanied by the soothing sounds of the running river.

If you wish to further explore the history of Lampung on your holiday, the Museum Sang Bumi Ruwa Jurai and the provincial Museum of Lampung offer centuries of collections and legacies of the province. The distinctive culture of Bandar lampung is reflected through its buildings. At Kampung Ulok Gading and Kampung Kedamaian, the traditional houses of Lampung are presented, along with all the house wares, heirlooms and other traditional accessories.


Sharing almost similar taste with Palembang, most of Lampung’s culinary specialties are based on fish or seafood. If you happen to be in Bandar Lampung, you may want to try some of the variety of pindangs. Pindang is fish or seafood cooked in certain ways with a sour and a little bit of sweet taste almost similar to Thailand’s Tom Yam.  The most distinctive delicacies of Lampung are the fish served with a durian sauce called Seruit. These and more of Lampung’s authentic culinary can be found throughout the many restaurants in the city. Here are a few restaurants you can find in Lampung as a reference.

  • RESTORAN BUKIT RANDU ( Taman Kencana), Jl. Kamboja No. 1–2A – Bandar Lampung
  • RESTORAN GARUDA ( Talam Gangsa ), Jl. Kartini No. 31 – Bandar Lampung
  • RESTORAN NAGA MAS ( Talam Gangsa ), Jl. Yos Sudarso No. 272 Teluk Betung – Bandar Lampung
  • RESTORAN MORO SENENG, Jl. P. Diponegoro 164 – Bandar Lampung
  • RM. BEGADANG II, Jl. Diponegoro – Bandar Lampung

For the ultimate souvenir of Bandar lampung, you should try to find the special fabric known as the Kain Tapis. Woven from silks, cottons or pineapple fiber, combined with gold or silver thread, Kain Tapis is produced utilizing delicate techniques passed down from generation to generation.

Although Batik is mainly associated with Java, Lampung also has its share with the internationally acclaimed textiles. The Lampung Batik has its own unique motives that distinguishes itself from others. Aside from Kain Tapis, the Lampung’s Batik motives are also found in the Palepai, Tampan and Tabitin textiles.

For snacks and light meals, you can try banana crackers, lempok, kemplang and many others. These snacks and souvenir can be found in many souvenir shops scattered around the city.

Bandar lampung has a wide selection of accommodation ranging from modest inns to starred hotels.

Although over-shadowed by the Elephant Training Center at Way Kambas, or the view of Mount Krakatau in South Lampung, Bandar lampung has its own distinctive attractions. There are many places to go to and plenty of things to do as you unveil the excitement of Bandar lampung. Among many interesting places to visit are:

The Krakatau Monument

Observe the sheer monumental power of Mount Krakatau when it erupted in 1883 right in the heart of Bandar lampung. The eruption tossed this 500-kg steel buoy from the bottom of the sea to the then Dutch colonial resident’s office.

The Museum Sang Bumi Ruwa Jurai

Step into the history of Lampung and discover the vast collection and trails of the province from one to the next period. The museum houses collections ranging from artworks, ceramics from China and ancient Siam, ancient currencies and many other. The museum is open daily, except Mondays and national holidays.

Pasar Seni or Art Market

Located at the Enggal Field within the Saburai Sports complex, Pasar Seni is the place where art lovers and art performers gather. There is an open air stage used to perform musicals and other art shows.  There are also art shops selling various kinds of artworks and souvenirs.

Kampung Ulok Gading and Kampung Kedamaian

If you wish to learn more about Lampung, you can visit these sites where you can observe the authenticity and originality of Lampung’s traditional houses. The architecture of the houses, their furniture and decoration maintain the authenticity of Lampung’s culture.


Getting around in Bandar Lampung is easy and relatively inexpensive because it is a small city. Traveling between the 2 main areas, (Tanjung karang to Teluk Betung) will only take about 30-40 minutes by car. If you wish to mingle with the locals, you can try to take a ride in the angkutan kota or angkot, that came with different designated routes for different areas and distinguished by different colors. When you are near your destination, don’t forget to shout “Stop Kiri”, asking the driver to stop at the left side, so you can get off. For more personal comforts, you can use taxis or Ojek (Motorbike taxies)


If you wish to learn more about Lampung, you can visit these sites where you can observe the authenticity and originality of Lampung’s traditional houses. The architecture of the houses, their furniture and decoration maintain the authenticity of Lampung’s culture.



Bandar lampung is accessible by air via the Radin Inten II international airport located at Branti Raya, South Lampung district. The airport was initially built for domestic flights, but since 2008 the airport was officially declared as an international airport that can accommodate large airplanes such as Boeing 737-200, to Boeing 737-500, Airbus A320. Flights to and from Lampung are served by the following airlines from Jakarta and Batam:

  • Garuda Indonesia (from Jakarta)
  • Lion Air Airlines (from Jakarta)
  • Sriwijaya Air (from Jakarta)
  • Batavia Air (from Jakarta and Batam)
  • Saudi Arabian Airlines (Jeddah) for hajj embarkation


Bandar lampung is fortunate to be one of only two major cities in Sumatra to have fully operating railway systems. The single route train connects Bandar lampung with Palembang in South Sumatra, charging IDR 28,000 for economy class, and IDR 80,000 for executive class. The train leaves daily at 08.30am and 09.00pm from the Tanjung Karang Station.

Buses / Public Transportations :

The Rajabasa bus terminal is the main public transportation center of the city. As one of the busiest terminals in Sumatra, the Rajabasa terminal is the destination of inter-provincial buses from Jakarta and other cities in Java. The terminal also connects Bandar lampung with other major cities on the island, such as PalembangMedan Pekanbaru and more. Other terminals that can get you through some of the destinations in Bandar lampung are:

  • Sukaraja Terminal
  • Kemling Terminal
  • Panjang Terminal
  • Pasar Bawah Terminal


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