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Well talk about that, Bali is the one of beautiful Island in the Indonesian archipelago, located in the westernmost end of the Lesser Sunda Island, lying between Java to the west and Lombok to the east. The scenery, the beach, the rice paddies, the culture, crashing surf and friendly people makes Bali become a perfect holiday destination for all ages from all over the world.

As a truly international destination, Bali has restaurants which extremely cosmopolitan yet inexpensive. We can find not only local delicacies, but also Chinese, Italian, Japanese, and even we can find Mexican. But from my own experience, the nicest restaurant in Bali is Jimbaran Restaurant. The food, the place, the scenery are really perfect.

As I said above, Bali has a beautiful scenery. Everywhere corner in Bali has its own way to show the beautiful side of Bali. I still remember how Nusa Dua beach was really beautiful when the last time I came there. I still remember, that was really nice to snorkeled in Padang-padang beach, and how beautiful Kintamani Volcano scenery.

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And Bali is the one of Indonesian island which has a lot of culture performers. Famous Balinese dances ( include pendet, legong, baris, topeng, barong, gong keybar, and kecak), temple festivals, private ceremonies, or public shows. Many of the ceremonial art forms such as wayang kulit and topeng are highly improvisatory. Providing flexibility for the performer to adapt the performance to the current situation.

Bali is famous as Hinduism Island. You can see from their culture in every single day. Unlike most of Muslim-majority Indonesia, about 93.18% of Bali’s population adheres to Balinese Hinduism, formed as a combination of existing local beliefs and Hindu influences from main land Southeast Asia and South Asia. Minority religions include Islam (4.79%), Christianity (1.38%), and Buddhism (0.64%). These figures do not include immigrants from other parts of Indonesia.

Balinese culture
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Don’t forget too, that Bali has great Flora and Fauna. The wide variety of tropical plants is surprising. You’ll see huge banyan trees in villages and temple grounds, tamarind trees in the North, clove trees in the highlands, acacia trees, flame trees, and mangroves in the South. And there are flowers, flowers everywhere. You’ll see (and smell the fragrance of) hibiscus, bougainvillea, jasmine, and water lilies. Magnolia, frangipani, and a variety of orchids are found in many front yards and gardens, along roads, and in temple grounds. Then you can see the wonderful animals such as monkeys, civets, barking deer and mouse deer, and 300 species of birds including wild fowl, dollar birds, blue kingfishers, sea eagles, sandpipers, white herons and egrets, cuckoos, wood swallows, sparrows, and starlings. But the Elephant and the tiger don’t exist anymore in Bali. So sad.

And by the way, not forget about Bali Tourism and Accommodation. Bali – which has more than half the hotels in all of Indonesia – offers the best and widest range of accommodation of any region of Indonesia catering to the international tourist. Bali Hotels are ranging from international five-star hotels with extravagant suites costing US$600 per day to simple, homey, family-run inns with a thin mattress for a bed and a single hanging light bulb for less than five dollars per night.

Bali Climate

Situated about 6 degrees to the south from equatorial and between two oceans, Pacific and Hindia, and two continentals, Asia and Australia, makes Bali has a wet tropical climate. Bali climate only has two seasons, wet and dry. Every season lasts for about a half year – six months. Wet season is from October to March and dry season is from April to September. Bali has the sun light from 6AM to 6PM every day, all year round. The temperature is in average around 29°C.

The wet season may have more rainfall than the dry season. Usually, there are downpours for one or two hours in afternoons and followed by warm sea breeze at the beach. At this time, the humidity is comparatively high. But, wet season is not a bad time to travel to Bali, you still can plan a trip in the morning.

The dry season are quite hot. In the afternoon, the temperature is at its highest about 32-33°C. There is few rainy days in this season. This time, the humidity is comparatively less and there will be light with infrequent rain showers.

Along Bali beaches, sea breezes temper the heat and if you go to the highland, weather becomes more pleasing and sometimes even cool. Evenings are really splendid with cool breeze flowing through the beaches and Balinese bamboo windows making the most out of them.

Travel Insurance to Bali

Nowadays, there are many offers of Travel Insurance to Bali that you can choose. Many travel insurance company try to serve the needs of it. And sometimes you can get the cheap one.

Why Travel Insurance?
No one knows what will happen in the future. The risk is always there in every moment during your trip to Bali. If something happens to you or your family, then travel insurance will help and cover you.

How To Get Travel Insurance?
Here is some tips to get one. Moreover, the cheapest one.

First, look online in the internet. There are a lot of offers for cheap travel insurance. By an online search, you can compare the offers instantly, so that you can find the cheap travel insurance as you need.

Buy directly from travel insurance provider, instead using a travel agent’s service. By contacting travel insurance provider, you can ask for their cheap travel insurance without paying commission to travel agent. This is the second tip.

Third, make your travel plans to Bali and see if the insurance cover or not. If something is not covered, then asked the travel insurance agent, how much cost for additional protection. Usually, to get cheap travel insurance, then you have to buy a travel insurance package, instead buying in a separate package.

Fourth, you MUST ask for the cheapest travel insurance rates. Do not just settle to the rates that insurance company offer to you. The more knowledge about the rates will makes better chances for you to get cheap travel insurance.

Last, if you are a businessman and go often to Bali, then it is better for you to have an annual travel insurance to Bali. By buying an annual one, you can easily get the cheap travel insurance.

Cheap Bali Holidays

The Island of Gods, that is another name of Bali Island and was selected the “Best Island in The World” in 2010 by Travel and Leisure Magazine. Bali is the perfect dream destination with the most amazing scenery of Indonesia. Terrific, let’s find cheap Bali holidays!

The white sandy beaches, rice field terraces, ancient traditional village, friendly Balinese people, simple but comfort hotels, those are several of cheap Bali holidays that are offered when you travel to Bali.  Bali is the very popular place for the honeymooners, singles, backpackers and all people who like traveling.

The majority religion is Indonesia’s Hindu, about 93% of the population and 7% others are Christianity and Moslem. They are living in harmony and very peaceful. The people of Bali a known for theirs hospitality and welcoming locals. They are ready to serve you.

The most action in Bali are centered in Kuta. There are so many entertainment and shopping area. There are many bars and pubs, too, decorate the nightlife in Kuta. You can also find many types of hotels in Kuta.

Ubud is the haven for artists and bohemians. People say the Ubud is centre of art in Bali. Ubud is tranquil and calm. You can find the markets of handicrafts and paintings, here. And like at Kuta, you also will find many kind of cheap Bali holidays in Ubud.

But, the culture is the amazing things for me. It is best experienced in the little Balinese villages all over the island with the kindest and most hospitable locals and dancers in the most colorful costumes dancing in different ceremonies and festivals. The real cheap Bali holidays.


  • It is quite cheap to hire a private chauffeur to drive you around the island all day, stopping at different locations, but do not forget to negotiate the price.
  • Bali is a cheap destination and even cheaper now with the devaluation of Indonesian currency during the world economic crisis.
  • You have many budget hotels and resorts to choose from, some being eco-friendly and some packages offer daily yoga sessions.
  • Main beach in Kuta as well as other beaches on the western side of the island has become a major surfing destination thanks to also the lack of dangerous rocks and reefs and you can book surfing lessons at great prices, but the east side of the island has calm seas.
  • Leather, jewellery, antiques, handicrafts, batik, stone and wooden carvings, painted art and silverware, casual and tailored clothing all make Bali a cool place for inexpensive and great value shopping.
  • Balinese food is usually hot and spicy with aromatic herbs and coconut milk. Rice is the staple food in Bali, served with vegetables, a little bit of meat or fish and some condiments. This is all cooked in the morning and is eaten throughout the day when needed. Well I know this much, eating out is very cheap Bali holidays.

Cheap Travel Package – Tips for Traveler

Cheap Travel Package.. Well, cheap or expensive of a price depends on someone perspective. For someone who only has U.S. $ 5,000.00, the $ 1,000.00 would be so big. Whereas those who have USD 50,000.00, then the $ 1,000,00 was not much of a problem. This article will give some tips for cheap travel package on how travelers can save their funds without having to sacrifice comfort in travel. Of course, all the decisions back to your hand about how you choose your cheap travel package.

Vacation has a different meaning for each person and therefore also offers a variety of vacation packages in accordance with the wishes of the class of tourists, from a cheap travel package up to an expensive package. It depends on your budget and expectations.

The success of your vacation depends on how you determine the best travel package for you. Always pay attention to price, hotel facilities, nearby tourist regions and types of food sold in that area.

Cheap travel package will help you saving funds by setting your vacation plan that might just be more expensive if purchased individually. The travel agents will offer you a variety of travel packages and you just select the travel package according to your budget and the comfort that you expect.

Here is several points to consider to find cheap travel package :

  • Check some of travel packages by visiting the web sites that offer Last Minute Travel Deals and Vacation Deals. Then compare the packages offered by travel agents. Cheap travel package is important and will provide peace for you during the holidays.
  • To get the best travel package, you can not decide simply by contacting an agent or visiting a Web site only. You should seek information from several agents or other websites in order to compare one with another. If you are hesitate to leave home, then you can do so via the Internet or via telephone. You sacrifice a little of this will be able to save your travel funds in large numbers.
  • During peak periods of travel, ticket reservation at the last moment will lead out a lot of cost. Travel agents will assume that you really need the travel and will emphasize you. Although sometimes you can get lucky by getting cheap travel package when ordering tickets at the last moment, but should it be avoided.
  • Sometimes you can buy tickets at the last minute for a great price. If you want to do this, make sure that the airline had failed to fill their planes and left many empty seats.
  • If you’re not too attached to your travel schedule and you have enough mental strength to wait for the final time, then you can try this trick. In this position, you have the bargaining power is higher than the airlines. If this trick works, then you can save a sizable amount of money. You will get your cheap travel package.

To arrange a travel package looks like need a lot of effort, then realize that it is not true and you do not waste your time with useless. Otherwise you will be able to save a lot of your travel expenses. Travel is something wonderful that will release you from the stress of daily routines, so that later you will be fresh and spirit in the face-to-day routine of your day.

Hence, why you do not want to sacrifice a little of your time for your own pleasure ?

Beach Resorts in Bali

Since earlier 1930’s, Bali has had an image as island of paradise. Especially for the artist and bohemian. Until today, that image still remains and make Bali become one of the most popular tourist destination in the world. Beautiful beaches and peaceful highland and unique culture, there are some reason why the tourist flock back to Bali year after year.

Bali is home to many variety of flora and fauna. In West Bali, there is West Bali National Park, home to a wide diversity of wildlife. With the distance only about 113 kms from West to East and about over 160 kms from North to South, it does not need a long time to explore this island of paradise. Highlands of Bali is placed in central of the island and has a lot of wonderful sights. Thick forests raise a very deep mystical impression. Bali has two active volcanoes, Mt. Agung and Mt. Batur. Although you like the beach very much, I fully recommend spending two or three days away to the highland of Bali. You will find a new experince there.

The famous beach is Kuta in south of the island. And in the fact, the best Bali beach resort is located to the South of the island. The airport which is located in south of the island also supports the development of resorts in that area.

Kuta beach which is known as one of the best beaches, also provided great restaurants, clubs and bars. A resort in Kuta will comes with a price tag. But the good news, there are so many other great accommodation with a friendly budget. That is the reason why Bali is so popular in backpackers community – because of the well-priced hostels.

No matter where you stay for laying your head, be sure that you can enjoy the great daily activities that can be found easily over the island. Do not forget to have some new experience in a range of water sport including surfing and diving. But remember for saving energy for the long night time.

Jimbaran is probably the place you want to be, if you are looking for a simple relaxing break. There are a mixed-range of hotels and beach resorts. Jimbaran is just a bit further away from Kuta, so it is a great if you are into sunbathing.

It doesn’t really matter if you visit a luxury Bali beach resort, private villa, or backpackers lodge, the beauty of Bali is there with you. I am sure wherever you stay you will have a very great time.

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