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Bali is famous for its natural beauty, art and culture. Sandy beaches and green plateau that will accompany your days in Bali. Art and culture will add to your insight will the lives of the Balinese. You will be amazed when you watch Balinese dance that is very lively and expressive. Even some of them have high mystical value.

Following some of the famous Balinese dance.

Tari Barong / Barong Dance

Barong dance, Bali
Barong dance, Bali (Source :

One of the dance performances that you should watch the Barong Dance. Barong Dance is one of Bali dance that is best known has high mystical value. Taking the time setting on the reign of King Airlangga, Barong dance tells the struggle of good against evil. Barong represents goodness and evil is represented by Rangda. Mask Barong and Rangda is a sacred thing, and before they are taken out, Master of Hindu ceremonies will sprinkle them with holy water taken from Mount Agung, and in addition, some offerings are also presented. Famous barong dance performances held at the village Batubulan in at 9.30 am every day. A duration of 60 minutes with a ticket price of Rp 130.000.

Tari Kecak / Kecak Dance

Kecak dance, Bali
Kecak dance, Bali (Source :

Kecak Dance is a dance that the dancer is approximately between 50 to 150 people, mostly dancers are male. They dance with a chorus, “cak,cak,cak” with the rhythm arranged in such a way and produce very harmonious rhythm, interspersed with a few accents and other utterances. Kecak dance tells the story of the Ramayana with well-known figures such as Rama, Sinta, Hanuman that fight against Rahwana who acts as antagonist role. One of the famous Kecak dance performance is held every afternoon on Pura Luhur Uluwatu. With the ticket price is only Rp 150,000, we can see the famous dance, while enjoying the sunset at Uluwatu.

Tari Jaran Sanghyang / Sanghyang Jaran Dance

Sanghyang Jaran dance, Bali
Sanghyang Jaran dance, Bali (Source :

In Sanghyang Jaran dance, it appears a number of men kicking the the embers of coconut shell in the middle of the arena. Not only was kicked, the hot the embers are also being trampled to be taken by hand. Despite the embers is very hot, but no one of dancer suffered burns. All the dancers are in unconscious condition because of possessed by the spirit of horses.

Sanghyang Jaran Dance is classified as sacred dance that held only at certain moments, like when an outbreak of disease. For the Hindu community in Bali, dance is believed to resist various kinds of evil spirits until the outbreak of disease. Sanghyang Jaran dance is showed in Penataran Sasih Temple.

Tari Cak Api / Fire Dance

Fire dance, Bali
Fire dance, Bali (Source :

Cak Api Dance is a combination of Kecak Dance and Sanghyang Jaran Dance. In the first part of the dance, that will perform the Kecak Dance and continue by Sanghyang Jaran Dance. This dance is a new arrangement by the Balinese dancer to perform the sacred Sanghyang Jaran Dance for the tourists without losing the sacred meaning of the dance.

Tari Gebug Ende / Gebug Ende Dance

Gebug Ende dance, Bali
Gebug Ende dance, Bali (Source :

Gebug Ende Dance is a dance that has a motion like a martial art but to use the means of Tamiang (shield) made of cow leather and use a cane as a battering. This dance is a one-on-one duel that hit each other. This dance is usually performed during the long dry season around October with the aim to invoke rain and as a means to ward off outbreaks of disease. Gebug Ende dance have in several villages in the district Gerokgak, but the main is in the village of Patas ± 40 km west of Singaraja town.

There are many other famous Balinese dances such as Pendet dance, Legong Kraton dance and Baris dance. All display flexibility expressive dance.


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