Bali Cruises

Bali Cruises are the marine activities which you can enjoy the cruises in the Bali waters. With types of ships and tour packages, Bali cruises are ready for you to enjoy. You can choose which one of the Bali Cruises package that you like.

You can sail to Nusa Lembongan with Bali Cruises. Depart at 9.00 from Tanjung Benoa and arrive back from Nusa Lembongan at 16.00. The sailing time is different  for each Bali Cruises package, but it is about 1-2 hours. At Nusa Lembongan, there are many activities that you can do such as, banana boat, kayaking, fishing or trolling, water activities at 48 meters pontoon, snorkeling or just swimming in the pristine crystal water of Sanghyang Bay, village tour or perhaps you just want to relax on the beach. Several Bali Cruises also offer glass bottom boat for you who like to have the underwater views. For the lunch, almost the Bali Cruises serve BBQ buffet lunch for you to taste.

Bali Hai Cruise, Nusa Lembongan
Bali Hai Cruise, Nusa Lembongan (Source :

There are the Bali Cruises packages that offer the sensation of dinner on ship. The romantic event will be begun when the Bali Cruises Ship departs slowly to the wide ocean. While enjoying the welcome cocktail, you and your spouse will see the romantics of the beautiful sunset from the sea. An International Buffet Dinner will be served for you to taste during your night. Accompanying with the soft slow music, your dinner will be felt so romantic. There are also some attractions for your night in Bali Cruises, such as live cabaret and music.

Bali Bounty Cruise
Bali Bounty Cruise (Source :

The ships that to be used for Bali Cruises are various.  There are the Bali Cruises that use catamarans and some others use sailing yacht or pinisi boat. Although the ships are different each other, but all of the ships are equipped by complete and modern facilities. And moreover, the crews are always ready to serve and help you with full of hospitality during you Bali Cruises.

Discover an ocean of elegance, the intimate secrets of a tropical isle, far away from the crowds … with Bali Cruises.

Cheap Cruise Packages

If you are arranging to spend your vacation in cheap cruise packages, you will be amazed to know that is easy to get the best deal for the cruise rates. Most of the people try to get cheap vacation packages, but they do not know and aware about the ways of getting them

There are multiple different cruise companies that always offer several deals available on varying cheap cruise packages. Simple secret that you have actually known is to find the most suitable deals from available hundreds packages for your cheap cruise packages.

First, you can find cheap cruise packages from  a cruise companies that offer huge discount or special price. New cruise lines will offer huge discounts for their inaugural cruises. They prefer to offer cheap cruise packages than other forms of promotions. A company that celebrate an event like their anniversary sometimes offer special price, too.

You can plan your cheap cruise packages tour during the off season when demand of cruise lines are less. When only fewer passenger are crossing, sometimes the cruise lines will offer lowest prices to attract passengers. You can also try the game, very early or late. Cruise line ussually offer special prices or discount for the passenger who book the ticket earlier. Likewise, cruise line will offer discount if there is not much passenger are crossing. You can patiently wait and grab the last minute price advantage.

Internet can be a great help in finding the travel agent sites that offer cheap cruise packages. That is better to explore ten to twelve travel agent websites to get more idea about cheap cruise deals. The competition in the cruise lines industry is increasing fastly day by day. This is an advantage for customers to get cheap cruise packages.

Go to the cruise travel agent is also a way to get best deals. Be honest with the cruise travel agent officer that you are working with. Let him know that you are looking for the cheapest cruises available. And the  travel agent officer will help you to find the cheap cruise packages that you would prefer to buy, according to your budget.

It will also be worthwhile to inform as many travel agents as possible on internet that you are planning to take a cheap cruise packages and saving money is a priority. In this way allows the travel agents to bid for you trip and submit quotations. The bidders will certainly offer their lowest rates to capture business and you are under no obligation to purchase cheap cruise packages from them.

Why Using a Cruise Travel Agent ?

Actually, almost the same way of ordering a cruise ship to book airline tickets. Not too difficult, but quite a lot of the details that need attention. Use an experienced cruise travel agent to help you is the best way to handle this problem. The cruise travel agent are more experienced and will us to book a cruise. They help us to avoid unnecessary mistakes.

For the first time cruiser traveler, perhaps you do not what you want to get from this cruise traveling. A cruise travel agent will help you finding what you want and then offer you the best package of cruise traveling that suits your needs. You can discuss with cruise travel agent what will be the best for you.

All the cruise travel agents, especially experience ones, have good connections with the travel suppliers and often have access to deals unavailable to others. In this case, the cruise travel agent really help you to save a great of your money. They help to analyze and show you the benefit each different promotions. The cheapest is not always the best, but the cruise travel agent will help you to optimized your money.

A cruise travel agent with experience can help answer all your questions about cruising, the different cruise lines and specific cruise ships in addition to questions considering the cruise lines cancellation policy and fine print in the agreements.

And the last, if something inadvertently go wrong, you have the cruise travel agent on your side to help you resolve the problem. A good cruise travel agent will negotiate with the cruise line, or the other part, on your behalf. This is an extra safety. If you are unlucky and something happen its good to have someone on your side that have your best interest as their first priority.

Vacation on An All Inclusive Cruise

Having a vacation on an all inclusive cruise can be one of the great moment in your life. Once you have budgeted for your vacation, you can just relax and really enjoy your vacation. Everything you do while on vacation are already included.

Your accommodations are splendid and all your meals and drink are included, even sometimes your alcohol. Well, that is a great experience to be on an all inclusive cruise. You only need yourself to enjoy the vacation without thinking about money anymore during the vacation.

There are a wide range of cruise travel plan. You can choose one of them as you wish. The selection of destination are closely unlimited. The choice of how many ports to visit in during trip are also nearly limitless. The service on an all inclusive cruise is the very great, also is the food. There are always shows on board the cruise ship that are first rate, too. Hair salon, spa, fitness center and anything you may need during your vacation is all available on your luxury cruise ship.

There are many planned activities to participate in each day. Sometimes the cruise holidays have themes, such as a singles theme, or an over 50 theme. That can be a great way to make new friends. There are also family oriented all-inclusive-cruises, which offer special activity to keep children occupied and entertained also.

Whatever type of all-inclusive cruise you chose to take, you are sure to count it among the best vacation you have ever experienced, not to mention an exceptional value for your money. Once you have taken one of these wonderful holidays, you may decide to make all your future vacations all-inclusive cruises!

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