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Miles and miles of pristine and beautiful beaches in Bali make this island became famous as the popular destination of the travelers. But there is not the only reason. There are many other reason for the tourist to visit Bali.

Scuba diving and snorkeling are famous activities in Bali. There are several that consider among the best dive spot in the world. The most popular dive site in Bali are Menjangan  Island, located off north-west coast and Nusa Penida, situated off south Bali. The best time to have diving and snorkeling in Bali is during dry season, from April to September. During the wet season, the condition of diving is often vary depending to the weather.

Snorkelling in Bali
Snorkelling in Bali (Source :

Pura, that is the Balinese people say for temple. There are many beautiful Hindu temples in Bali. They are scattered all over the island. A record says that there are more than 12.500 temples in Bali, exclude the family temple. Sometimes, the royal family of Bali made their own temples for their own religious activities.

Batuan temple in Ubud
Batuan temple in Ubud (Source :

There is a law in this island requires every village must have minimum 3 temples and now you can see the affect of the law. Many temples in Bali are hundreds years old and you will feel something mystical if you visit them. Remember to have a dress code for entering the temples and always be respectful while there.

The beautiful rice fields panorama, Ubud
The beautiful rice fields panorama, Ubud (Source :

Bali has many beautiful scenery. One of the famous scenery in Bali is its beautiful rice fields panorama. Some tourists say that it is not complete to Bali without getting a little bit of fresh air while enjoy the rice fields. The rice fields in Bali shape terrace along the slope of the hills. Rice field in Bali is centuries old and become one of the UNESCO heritage sites. The rice fields between Candidasa and Amlapura is arguably the most popular area for enjoying the rice field scenery. In addition, the views of rice fields in Ubud as well as interesting.

Bali Vacation Packages

A beauty blend of modern amenities and the traditional hospitality. You can easily escape from the routine of the business life in the city and having time to pamper yourself in fun activities or exotic trip or just in spa. You can easily find something that interesting for you.


The Bali beaches
The Bali beaches (Source :

The beaches in Bali are well known entire the world. Some of the beaches are famous for its waves for surfing that consider one of the best in the world. Some of the off coast offer beauty scenery of underwater and fishes that one of the most beautiful in the world. And almost of all the beach provides a very romantic view. Many activities wait you there. You can either relax at the famous beaches of Bali like Sanur, Legian and Seminyak or quitter beach like Dreamland or Lovina. Or you can enjoy surfing at the Kuta beach.


If you go to Bali on the plateau inland, then you will feel the pleasant cool air. The fresh air and beautiful forest will make you feel free from all charges. Views of hills and rice fields will amaze you. Ubud is one area in the hills which is famous for its shades of art. There was also Bedugul with views of the Lake Beratan. Or maybe you are interested in climbing the volcano, Mount Agung or Mount Batur?

Art and Culture

The art and culture can not be separated from the lives of the people of Bali. They were born with extraordinary the art talent and brought up in an environment of strong tradition. You will be able to see the traditions and their art in their everyday lives. Dress code, religious rituals, architectural styles and others, all displaying shades of beautiful art and culture.

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