Enjoying The Bali Art Festival

Since long time ago Bali is known as one of island with rich culture and tradition. This is one of reason why travelers come to Bali and enjoy when they are in Bali. In many parts of the Island, we can easy to find of ritual, creativity and culture activities Bali as center of music, dance and visual arts. In order to manage sustain and uphold all the legacies inspiring the Local Government of Bali conduct by late Prof. Dr. Ida Bagus Mantra to hold an event called Pesta Kesenian Bali – Bali Art Festival in 1979.

Bali Art Festival is annual event. The Bali Arts Festival is a month-long festival participated by all regencies in the province of Bali and from other provinces in Indonesia. This festival also participated by several foreign countries they are: Korea, Japan, Australia, etc. The opening ceremony of the Bali Arts Festival will take place at Bajra Sandi Monument with artistic parade of arts.

Bali Arts Festival
Bali Arts Festival (Source : balipedia.com)

The Parade will be followed by entire regencies in Bali, other provinces in Indonesia as well as from other countries. They will deliver their artistry mission for that parade. All regencies will offer different traditional dances, music, cloths,  foods, statue, arts, handicrafts, painting, and many others.

After opening ceremony, this art festival will be centred in one place called Bali Art Center which located at Jalan Nusa Indah, Denpasar. It is the culture building complex with the best style of Balinese traditional architecture featuring the good lay-out building of amphitheater to be a place/hall of show performance purpose. This amphitheater can accommodate up to 6.000 audiences for the show of colossal both for modern and also traditional.

Bali Arts Festival
Bali Arts Festival (Source : triptrus.com)

During 1 month festival we can enjoy full of entertainment, traditional dance, exhibition and other cultural activities. Bali Art Festival presented in so many forms those are from the sacral until contemporary traditional. There are also traditional custom clothes from each area, instrument of music or gamelan, forms Sesajen (offering) and others. Beside art performance here you also can enjoy any kind of delicious traditional food made by Balinese people. It means, Bali Arts Festival will be the best place for your One Stop Shopping spot for anything you need especially for arts and culture of Bali. This annual art festival always drew visitors from all over the world and become one of the most prestigious art festival in Indonesia.

If you are interested in seeing Bali Art Festival, you come and visit this year. Thank you for spending your valuable time to read my story.

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