Ancient Sites Of Kokas, West Papua

Ancient Sites of Kokas are remains of pre-history sites where you can find drawings on canyons. These drawings show palms and animals which are still clear until now.

These drawings on canyons locally known as Tapuraran, were made using natural materials in red color, similar to human blood. Therefore, the local community often calls them blood paintings.

In several parts, you can find human bones, because ancestors of the local community did not bury dead bodies but placed them by the canyon, inside caves, capes, or under a big tree which was believed to be special or sacred.

Kokas coast, West Papua
Kokas coast, West Papua (Source :


There are several simple food stalls and shops selling snacks.

No shop selling souvenirs here. If your lucky, you can find fishermen selling their fresh fish.

If you want to stay overnight, there is a simple temporary shelter available in Kokas city center.

In addition to the drawings, you can also enjoy beautiful sceneries of seas and atols on the way to these sites. Flying albatross is another attraction that you can see here.

The cave paintings, Kokas
The cave paintings, Kokas (Source :


It will not take a long time to visit all sites. When sea water is high, you can even climb the canyon and see the paintings closely.


These sites are in Andamata, Fior, Forir, Darembang, and Goras, in Kokas district, Fak-Fak, West Papua. To go to Fak-Fak, flights and ships are available on certain days and their schedules are frequently changed every month.

For air transportation, it is easier if you take a flight to Sorong, West Papua first. From Domine Eduard Osok airport in Sorong, you can take Wings Air, Lion Air, Trigana Airlines, or Express Air to Torea airport in Fak-Fak for about 45 minutes.

For sea transportation, Ciremai (from Jakarta), Nggapulu, and Tatamailau are available to take you to Fak-Fak. Most flights and ships usually go to Fak-Fak via Sorong.

To go to the ancient Sites of Kokas, you can take an inter-city transportation from Fak-Fak to Kokas for about 50 kilometers and two hours. From Kokas, you can continue your journey by a rented longboat for about one hour.


The number of inter-city transportations from Fak-Fak to Kokas is very limited. Since no village along the way, public transportations here usually will leave only when all seats are occupied. Alternatively, you can take a rented car for a faster journey to the site.

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