The Anai Golf And Mountain Resort in West Sumatra

The Anai Golf and Mountain Resort is set in beautiful green and natural surrounds. Located in West Sumatra, a region renowned for its natural beauty and forested mountains, it is the beauty of the location that makes this resort and golf course truly unique.

While the natural beauty here is magnificent, golf is really the main attraction here though. Designed by Thomson, Wolveridge and Perret in 1996 the resorts golf course was specifically planned to conserve the natural surrounds as much as possible. The length of this eighteen-hole course spans 5,552 meters. While you are challenging yourself on the 72 par course, you can enjoy beautiful panoramic views of Mount Tandikat, Mount Merapi and Mount Singgalang.

The temperature here is hot making it the perfect setting to don your newly-bought hat. Don’t worry about the heat too much though because once your game is over, the clubhouse is equipped with a swimming pool and a bar for a refreshing dip and drink.

Anai Golf and Mountain Resort, West Sumatra
Anai Golf and Mountain Resort, West Sumatra (Source :


Villas at this resort are equipped with a dining room, kitchen, terrace and television.

The main attraction here is golf, and with an expert designed course set in a beautiful location, a holiday here will be heaven for any golf enthusiast.


The Anai golf course and resort is located only one hours drive from Padang, the capital city of West Sumatra. Depending on your departure point, you can go to Padang from Medan or Batam. If you are coming from Jakarta, you can take a direct flight to Padang and use a taxi service from the airport to go straight to this resort.

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