All About Bali Beaches (Part 3)

Blue Point Beach

Blue Point beach
Blue Point beach

Blue Point beach is a beautiful beach that is hidden in Pecatu, Bali. Although this beach is still sound familiar, but never apart from observations the target of foreign tourists who crave for sun bathing. In the area of Pecatu Bali did an awful lot of places offer very interesting. But there is no harm if you want to visit to the beach which is different from the others.

Location of Blue Point beach not far from the location of Dreamland beach. Just a few metres from the Dreamland beach, you will find the location of Blue Point beach. First up at Blue Point beach will surely be astonished. Yes, the beach is not found when the eye can see, but the first look is simply a line of stalls and restaurants. This place used to relax or buying souvenirs.

In addition to the left and right there are many small shops. Even at one of the stores there that provides a variety of surf equipment to give you a quote for your practice. After walking up to the store in the ranks of most tip, finally met also with the steep road that has some stairs. Turns out, it’s the path to the location of the beach.

After going through the stairs with a steep, we get a surprise. Like get into the cave, the atmosphere here is very different from the limestone walls and rocks surrounding it. Not only the walls was impressed, our feet also get a sensation of natural-grain of sand at the edges there is a refreshing water flow.

The surprises did not stop until here! In just a few steps away, our eyes were struck again with the advent of the beach with a hidden location. The swell is seeming to shy to pull over. We can play on the beach as you wish. In this destination also seen lots of foreign tourists who were sunbathing or sun-bathing. It feels very pleasant when we enjoyed every detail esthetics Blue Point beach. The atmosphere is very quiet and impressive. Many ways that can be done to enjoy the gift of the creator. The preoccupation of the mere playing of water alone.

Labuan Amuk Beach

Labuan Amuk beach
Labuan Amuk beach

Labuan Amuk beach is located in Karangasem, Manggis Sub-district, village Antiga, the backwoods of labuan was the favorite place community village antiga because in addition to its beach beautiful, this beach can to be a mediation the familiarity of village children Antiga. Most young spending time on this coast every afternoon to play football, certainly at a time the water was receding. The beach is flanked by the coast of the Padang Bai and the beach Ulakan. Therefore the people from the village of Padang Bai and ulakan a frequent visitor to this beach. This caused the population of the village to know each other.

It started around the year 2007 tourism touchable, when an investor from outside bali infuse capital di Labuan Amuk. Start the lands around the coast hired to set up a restaurant, also adds to people’s income landowners. Although not too much, but there is sufficient community helped by rent land for a parking lot, sell some clothes, and labor are also taken from the surrounding communities.

If you don’t like the crowds then this is the beach you must visit if you want to play watersport. Labuhan Amuk is situated in the karangasem regency 5 minutes from Padang Bai and 10 minutes from the beach of Candi Dasa. Although it is quite far from Kuta Beach and Denpasar is worth a visit if you want a beach that is not so crowded.

The location is quite far from Kuta area approximately one hour’s car ride, and can be used as an alternative venue to enjoy watersport. In addition you can also quite some of the tour to the region to see the sights of Klungkung Kertagosa, Goa lawah and tourism the Kamasan village. After playing watersport in the labuan amuk, you can visit Tourism Candi Dasa beach.

Unable to swim or snorkling or diving is not an obstacle to enjoying the underwater nature. Odyssey submarine offers trips underwater city of labuan amuk, Bali. The sophistication of the ship which weighs of 72.6 ton, giving a chance for tourists to see the beauty of underwater without special skills.

With this electric-powered submarine you can enjoy the beauty of Bali under water. Before diving in, all passengers gathered at a restaurant located on the beach, between the Padang Bai harbour and Pertamina Labuan amuk. After gathering at the restaurant, passengers leaving toward submarine located about 750 meters from the restaurant. Inside the submarine, passengers will be sitting in the seat that extends inside the hull of the ship. From this seat passengers can see various kinds of colorful fish that swim through coral. You can also see the attraction of two divers who was feeding the fish in the sea.

Labuan Sait Beach

Labuan sait beach
Labuan Sait beach

Labuan sait beach is one of the beaches on the island of bali is located in Pecatu Village South Kuta subdistrict of Badung Regency, located approximately 32 km from the city of Denpasar and 70 minutes when using a motor vehicle from Ngurah Rai of Bali. It has a high rock and outstanding natural beauty, becomes a tourist destination frequented by foreign tourists. The beach overlooks the Indonesian Ocean.

To reach this beach, visitors must pass through the Rock tunnel along approximately 8 meters, because the beach is located behind the rocks. The Labuhan Sait  beach with white sandy beach of and clean, very quiet atmosphere and is suitable for family recreation, suitable also for surfing tours for visitors who like to surf. There is also a jukung rentals, Charter for jukung visitors who want to get around to enjoy the beauty of nature in the peninsula hills to the South.

This white-sand beaches and clean, as well as quiet so it is suitable for recreation, relaxing and bathing sunshine and suitable also for surfing. The local fishermen also provides chartered jukung for those who like to get around to see the pristine natural beauty in the peninsula hills to the South.

The Beach also has a stone looks beautiful and suitable for photographs, including for couples who want to get married, can make a pre-wedding photos here. As a place of tourism, in this place also there have been several taverns and restaurants. So the complete holiday in the Labuan Sait beach.

Tourist facilities offered are taverns and restaurant, rent canoes-canoes, jungkun by fishermen, lodging and other interesting facilities. Every Sunday there is also a pelinggihan, there are shown on the beach, such as kecak dance. The Labuan sait beach is one alternative that you can visit with your family, find peace and comfort with family in bali the island of gods.

Formerly the coast of Labuan Sait is the base port of the commercial and the kingdoms in southern Bali, moreover at a specific time, shore is also often used as a place for ceremonies (cleansing supplies religious ceremonies).

Because of this place as a tourist attraction, then give a positive impact on the livelihood of residents around. If you want to feel the atmosphere of a quiet beach, the beach of Labuan this can be Sait one option your destinations to Bali.

Kusamba Beach

Kusamba Beach
Kusamba Beach

The charm of the island of Bali is already no stranger to so many tourists who come here never want to come back to this resort island. Of the many interesting attractions in Bali one of which is located in the coastal village of Kusamba, Dawan sub district, Klungkung regency. Approximately 7 km to the east of the city Semarapura, klungkung.

Kusamba very captivating beaches, black sand and has a beautiful panorama with an unspoiled atmosphere is certainly not inferior to the other beaches in Bali. The beach is popular with fishermen who persevere in the sea, beach Kusamba also the beach where the traditional salt production. The fisherman and salt farmers here still cling to the tradition of using old ways taught by generations by their ancestors how to catch fish in the sea and making salt. Tourists who come here to witness firsthand the fishermen catch fish in the sea and also get to see the process of making salt contained in the sea.

Along the beach outrigger fishing boats lined Kusamba and lodges where salt production under the palm trees waving in the wind so as to give the impression of depth. Besides the beach is also often used as a religious ceremony by the locals as a series of activities cremation ceremony.

On the beach there are also Kusamba Port Traditional tranportation, which is access to the island of Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan rich in marine tourism potential.

Beginning this location called Kusamba beach because the beach is in a village called Village Kusamba to facilitate remember this place and called the Coast Kusamba.

Coastal communities around this average Kusamba livelihood as a fisherman and salt farmers, it can be seen from the number of boats and huts for cooking salt found along the shore. With maketh Kusamba beach as one of the attractions in Klungkung regency hopes to boost the economy in the area.

Facility to support the tourism sector in the attraction there; food stalls and beverage and parking area, while for tourists who want to rent a fishing boat at sea at this location.

For tourists who want to visit this attraction Kusamba Coast takes approximately 90 minutes away from Ngurah Rai when using a motor vehicle and approximately 29 miles travel distance from Denpasar city.

Amed Beach

Amed beach
Amed beach

Amed is an area renowned for its wonderful underwater scenery and diverse collection of marine life. Sparkling shallow waters and clear visibility make this a popular destination for diving, snorkelling, swimming and soaking up Bali’s tropical weather conditions with sunbathing on the beach. Just 21km from Amlapura, Jemeluk lends itself to a variety of water based activities with all necessary equipment conveniently available for hire.Amed is a well known in Bali for snorkeling and scuba diving.

Amed is actually a series of villages in the north east of Bali. Compared to the rest of Bali, Amed does not have as many tourists so it’s a great place to relax and appreciate the real Balinese culture and lifestyle.From Amed you can organize to go on different day tours to Amlapura, Besakih, Lake Batur and the water palaces in the region. In the dry season certain beaches are used to extract salt.

Amed refers to a long stretch of coast running from the village of Cucik about 14 km eastwards incorporating the seven villages of Amed, Jemeluk, Bunutan, Lipah, Selang, Banyuning and Aas. The pace of life here is slow and the coastal scenery quite stunning making Amed the perfect place for a relaxed holiday in Bali.

Amed is the most recent tourist development area in Bali. It was only in 2000 that tarmac was laid on the roads. Telephone lines were installed in 2003 and it took until 2007 for a bridge to be built over a section of the main road that regularly washed away during the rainy season.

This is the most commonly used base for visitors wishing to dive the USS Liberty wreck at Tulamben and that area is also covered by this article. There are other good dive sites close at hand and a thriving dive industry has developed all the way along the coast here.

Virgin Beach (White Sand Beach)

Virgin Beach (White Sand Beach)
Virgin Beach (White Sand Beach)

Bali is blessed with a variety of coastlines and many of its ‘hidden’ beaches have only in recent years been revealed. One such beach that had gained recent popularity is Perasi Beach, often referred to by various nicknames, such as Pasir Putih or ‘White Sand Beach’, ‘Virgin Beach’ and simply, ‘Hidden Beach’. If you’re looking to get away from the crowded beaches like Kuta and Sanur in the south, then this beach is for you.

Located about 4.5 km east of Candi Dasa, Perasi Beach is about one and a half hour’s drive from Denpasar. Follow the Jalan Raya Candidasa-Bugbug main road to the village of Perasi and look out for a dirt road opposite the village’s Pura Bale Agung temple that leads to the beach.This beautiful unspoiled beach located near the Padang Bai Port has a very dramatic view! With its beautiful white sand and it’s clear blue water-you can even see the view underwater!-make this beach is a must visit if you travel around Bali. Don’t forget to capture some photos at the line of cliffs on the right and left side of the beach.

Tulamben Beach

Tulamben beach
Tulamben beach

Tulamben is a little village in the northeast coast of Bali, the beach is black sand covered by smooth, fist-size rocks. The remains of Gunung Agung exploding in 1963 has sent the lava flows along this coastal area. There is a bay here that invites divers to visit this village to explore under water scene. The bay was later known as Tulamben Bay amongst the divers. The excellent diving sites in this bay are Ship Wreck (USAT Liberty Cargo).

Tulamben has become Bali’s most famous diving area and therefore where you are most likely to meet internationally recognised underwater photographers and writers.The Liberty Wreck is not the only amazing dive site around the Tulamben area. Diving the Tulamben Wall also called Drop Off is also a great experience and makes a perfect second dive.

A few kilometres North, you will find the Kubu village. There is a wonderful reef with a nice coral garden. There are two very easy dive sites perfect for beginners. Also a very good place for macro underwater photography with pygmy seahorse and nudibranch. A good place to see blacktip and whitetip reef Sharks. Night diving this site is also very rewarding.

Candidasa Beach

Candidasa Beach
Candidasa Beach

Candidasa Beach is a beautiful beach located in east part of Bali. It is about 1.5 hours from Bali’s International Airport. It own the magnificent view along the beach with coconut trees spread out along the costal area. The peaceful atmosphere from the sea breeze sweeps the entire Candidasa Area that makes it an ideal place for vacation in Bali. It is one of the famous tourist places in Bali offers several of hotels, restaurants and other tourist destination around it.

Located 85 km north-east of the airport, Candidasa is a relaxing beach area close to cultural treasures like Pura Besakih (“Bali’s Mother Temple”) While the beach is not one of Bali’s best, the tranquility of Candidasa has attracted a number of exclusive hotels like the Amankila and the Chedi. Candidasa is most often compared to Kuta as Kuta was some 20 years ago.

The comparison has some merit -Candidasa is a small village with few inhabitants on the beach with a several- mostly inexpensive hotels that cater to the more adventurous tourists looking for a more laid back atmosphere to explore the cultural heritage of Bali. Being some 85 km from the airport ensures some tranquility, however as more people discover that there is quite a bit to see and do in Candidasa the area is developing rapidly with many first class hotels now sprouting up.

It was a calm small fishing village, but since five years ago, it built with a dozen of losmen (house to stay), hotels and restaurants, and many travelers prefer Candidasa, calmer than Kuta, cheaper than Sanur, and the best place to stay and to explore the oriental part of Bali. It is especially popular among the submarines but the main problem is the beach has erosion as quickly as the new hotels were built.

Balangan Beach

Balangan Beach
Balangan Beach

Balangan Beach is located in the south of Bali, Indonesia, and one of the most beautiful beaches on the Bukit peninsula. It’s at the base of the rocky cliffs, covered with palm trees and sun umbrellas. The coastline stretches about 1 kilometer between the two cliffs.

Surfer’s playground, Balangan has been considered as an exclusive surfing playground. It has the best waves breaking through all stages of the tide reaching 500 meters on the larger crests. It has everything a surfer desires to experience — steep/simple drops, smooth longboard sections, two tube sections on bigger swells, and some of the rest. With the waves averaging from 4-8 feet, surfers will be challenged.

The Balangan Beach is not only for surfers, but for everyone to enjoy the powder-white sand beach and crystal clear waters. It is surrounded by local restaurants to dine, and a refreshing lagoon to swim in. The green and brown musty stone texture on the shores and the pond-like spaces (with fishes) are some of the features the Balangan beach has.

Balangan Sea View, by the beach is a local hotel called, Balangan Sea View, offering low room rates for those who wanted a longer stay to make their vacation worthwhile. A warm welcome is expected from the staff who can give much information about the Balinese local traditions and cultural events. The restaurant serves Indonesian and Western cuisine with exotic fruit juices as compliments.

The accommodation is set is tropical lush garden and a 14-metre swimming pool with a shallow zone that kids would love.

Berawa Beach

Berawa Beach
Berawa Beach

Berawa Beach is a beautiful beach with white sand stretch from Seminyak Beach with panoramic view to the Indian Ocean. Berawa Beach is the most enthused by the surfers because the great wave, powerful and challenge every surfer to conquer it and enjoy the surfing adventures.

Berawa Beach is a beach as a tourist destination especially from domestic tourists to relax and enjoy the fresh nature with beautiful panorama surrounding area. In development of Berawa Beach nowadays, it has been many visited by tourists and become famous so much surfers want to challenge the wave for surfing adventures.

Berawa Beach is a famous surfing point in Bali Island, this beach provides more than two surfing spots those are all giving the challenge for every surfer that they can take the surf direction from both way left-hander and right-hander.

Berawa Beach is located in Canggu Village, Kerobokan District, Badung Regency, and Bali province – Indonesia. This beach is only 2 kilometers away from Kuta Beach or 30 minutes from Denpasar Airport by driving a vehicle. The beautiful beach is featured by good access that facilitates every visitor to visit this place. The location of this beach is strategic existing among the other famous surfing points such as Seminyak Beach, Batu Bolong Beach, Echo Beach and Pererenan Beach that make this beach as one of the best choice surfing points in the island of god.

Best Season for Surfing, this beach is located in south part of Bali Island that is mostly featured by the big and powerful wave in particular during dry season. It is because the wind flow from the east to the west and create the good wave that is ideally for surfing adventure. During this season also the seawater look clean and the wave is relatively powerful that make this surfing point is one of the perfect place to enjoy your exciting surfing activities. 


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