All About Bali Beaches (Part 1)

Bali is a beautiful island in the world. Welcome to ‘Pulau Dewata‘. Located about 6° South of the equator, Bali has a tropical climate which is hot all year. It means that the sun rises at 6am and sets at 6pm most of the year. The temperature variation is very small that hovers around 30°C (mid-80s°F) year-round, but the humidity can make the heat feel very oppressive. Bali does not have four seasons has only wet season, typically from October to April, and a dry season for April to October. So, there is no snows in Bali.

During the dry season, April to October, the coastal areas temperatures feature highs of 29°C and lows of 24°C. In this season, mornings and evenings are cool, days being sunny and warm. The coastal areas like Kuta, Seminyak, Uluwatu and Dreamland gets the offshore winds, creating good surfing conditions. Winds are usually lowest in the morning and getting stronger in the afternoon.

July is the windiest month of the year. Visitors to Bali will notice that July is the month the local people fly enormous kites.

During the wet season, October to April, the humidity levels are high, which compounds the slightly higher temperatures. There are some heavy storms, too. Daily highs could be 32°C, with lows of 26°C. So, you will feel clammy and hot most of the time.

October is a very changeable month as far as wind direction. A bad time for surfing. From November through the rest of the wet season, the coastal areas like Nusa Dua, Sanur, Ketewel and Keramas are the favoured spots enjoy offshore winds.

The South West of Bali : Jembrana, Tabanan, Badung receive the highest amount of rainfall, with the North East coast the least. The East and North side of Bali get less rainfall than the Western and South side of the island.

From Kuta to Singaraja will take around 3 hours. This is a trip across the island of Bali from south coast to north coast. You will notice after about an hour the clouds overhead and the cooler temperature. Reaching Bedugul, temperatures will be considerably cooler than at sea level. Bedugul is in the highlands. Another place in the highlands are Kintamani, Batukaru and Gunung Agung. The nothern slopes of Gunung Batur always seem to be wet and misty, while a few kilometres away, the east coast is nearly always dry and sunny.

Overall, the climate is gently tropical, but there are marked variations across the island: around the coast, sea breezes temper the heat, and as you move inland you also move up, so the altitude works to keep things cool. In fact, at times it can get very chilly up in the highlands.

Air-conditioning is not really needed on Bali. A cool breeze always seems to spring up in the evening, and the open bamboo windows, so common in Balinese architecture, make the most of the lightest breeze.

Most people agree the dry season from April to September, is the best months to have travel to bali. The humidity is lower and the rain is light and infrequent. Especially at its peak (July-October) has the best weather of the year. Cool mornings and evenings at sea-level, clear skies and warm days allow you to maximize your time in comfort. Remember to bring sun protection in the form of a hat, sunglasses, sun hat, sun block and light comfortable clothes.

Menjangan beach

Menjangan Island Beach, Bali
Menjangan Island Beach, Bali

Menjangan beach has a wide 1.75 acre barren forest areas that are not occupied by people. But the place is often used as a place for worship and spiritual activities both meditative activity. Menjangan Island is a coral island located at the northwestern tip of the island. The island is easily accessible via Labuan Lalang Village Sumber kelompok subdistrict Gerokgak  ± 55 km west of the city of Singaraja. Menjangan Island is one of the best dive sites in the World.

Exploring North Bali Menjangan Island is a marine tourism travel alternatives are almost neglected. Perhaps because the mileage is relatively far from the tourist center to the south or east of Bali. This area is a small island no more than 180 hectares wide, at the northern tip of Bali near Gilimanuk and directly adjacent to the island of Java. On the morning when the weather is clear we could see in the distance towering Mount Bromo and Arjuna.

Menjangan Island can be reached via the western route through Gilimanuk, or the northern route through Singaraja. Is part of the West Bali National Park, the Menjangan island offers a different experience. Relatively clean beaches and rich underwater incredible. We will pass through the hills and forests, a truly exotic scenery, especially in the dry season. Dry trees lined as providing symmetrical dimensions.

Specifically around the Menjangan beach some interesting diving locations, including  eels garden, bat cave and a shipwreck at a depth of 30-60 meters. Although no longer intact, but several structures and anchors still visible from a depth of 8 meters. The Menjangan beach can be dived all year round, although a nice time around April to November. If you are lucky, visibility can reach 50 meters.

Named Menjangan, or deer in the Java language, because it’s still found the deer on the island. Sometimes we can still see them in the sea before it ran into the woods if we are approached. To reach the Menjangan island or diving in this area, can be reached by boat from the port Lalang boats, bay Terima or harbor the hotel small hotels scattered in the region. One of them Dreams Resort, located in the National Park.

Pulaki beach

Pulaki Beach
Pulaki Beach

Pulaki beach is located in the village Pulaki Banyu Poh, Grokgak subdistrict, in the western part of Buleleng regency. In front of this beach there is one of the biggest Hindu temples in Bali located on the west side of the beach about 1 hour drive from the city of Singaraja. During the rainy season, the dry brown hills around the temple sparkling green again. The architecture Pulaki temple is dominated by black and white stone, as if some part of the temple was carved hills.

Hills steep and dry rocky stretches in front of the sea and the hills not far to the west in the form of a small peninsula. Monkeys living around the temple, often gathered in the temple yard because of the food provided by the visitors, adding to the appeal of this temple. In this area of North Bali, tourism is not well developed in comparison with the southern part of Bali. In this area, the river discharge during the rainy season while in the dry season the water is not there.

Towering hills on this beach is composed of rock lithology algomerat the dominant material Volcanic and grains are not as great. Vulkanic center activities in the area of the island of Bali and this group includes the elderly mountain in Bali, and produce sediment in the beach Pulaki. Mountains are more towards the east the mountains will be getting younger. Here there is no flat land leading to the river, so that ocean energy is dominant in this area resulting in the formation of smaller beaches because there are no large rivers in this area and the most dominant coastal erosion.

If there is a large river, it will bring material towards the ocean, causing more developed beach towards the sea. The rivers that exist in this area flows on a rainy day, while in the dry season there is no water flow. Rivers average deep because so there are heavy rains, erosion energy kedasar sungiai big so erosion is also strong because many carrying particles can mengelunduk lateral erosion of the river bottom on the river was not so great but the erosion into the more this happens along the northern coast of Bali is therefore physiographic conditions like these that actually causes the northern coast of Bali is not growing well.

Pengeragoan beach

Pengeragoan beach
Pengeragoan beach

Pengeragoan beach is located in Pengeragoan Village, Pekutatan Sub district and Jembrana Regency, west of Bali. It is about 50 km to the west from Denpasar town and it is just located in the frontier of Jembrana and Tabanan Regency. The location is strategic beside of the main road from Denpasar to Gilimanuk and own beautiful beach apposite to the Indian Ocean. The Pengeragoan beach is one of the beaches have black sand waves are suitable for a short break for tourists. Beach is a beautiful place to enjoy the beautiful view of the pengeragoan beach. Being the pengeragoan beach side of the highway at the east end Gilimanuk-Denpasar-Jembrana district bounded by Tabanan regency.

Pengeragoan beaches are known for having a lot of pandanus trees and naturalness beaches still unspoiled many people became the main attraction of the beach is the main tourist attraction in the area this Pekutatan. Various activities can be done in the Pengeragoan beach are relax, swim, eat food on the beach, fishing, enjoying the sunset, and so on. You can come with friends, colleagues, or friends just to release the tired. For those of you who have enough time, it is advisable to also enjoy the countryside hamlet Badingkayu with cool climate and tropical forests and stunning clove.

Rural nature can be found in the highlands of the northern village of Bali – Jembrana, the Pengeragoan coast. On hill hamlet Bading kayu is a most beautiful location to explore the beauty of the beach Pengeragoan height. Now available a variety of facilities to the visitors to the beach Pengeragoan like food and drink stalls, cafes, restaurants and villas for those who are interested in spending the night at this Pengeragoan. It is very exciting when you are chatting all day by the beach and also visit Badingkayu beautiful and cool, at the evening resting in one villa available for a rest.

Medewi Beach

Medewi Beach
Medewi Beach

Medewi beach, if you want to feel a wave of the longest and softest in Bali, then you have to travel about 90 minutes drive to the west coast of Bali that will take you to the beach Medewi, best surf spots.

Medewi Beach is located approximately 75 kilometers to the west of the city of Denpasar which is situated on the main road south coast, about 34 kilometers west of the City of Tabanan. The beach is still relatively quiet, such as when a visitor first comes on the island of Bali in the mid-1970s. The Medewi coast has spectacular sunset views. The beach is rocky with some boulders large gray and black sand with gravel.

Waves on the beach Medewi can be played by almost all skill levels and is best surfers when approaching tide or later on. You may want to spend the night there because it is still relatively untouched by tourism and change. You should always bring your own gear, because there is currently no surf shops or surfboard rental.

As a tourist area located in the western part of the Bali island, roads to get to these places is very good so it can be passed by four-wheel vehicles and motorcycles. With a fairly rapid development, coastal resorts Medewi is also available accommodation facilities for visitors or tourists who want to stay. In addition, supporting facilities such as the presence of parking, a restaurant, public toilets, showers and swimming pools, beaches annually Medewi is visited by visitors or tourists, especially foreign tourists, who generally comes to surfing. Moments of the most visited by visitors or tourists are on Sundays and holidays and feast days.

Medewi Beach is an area of rocky beach having great waves. The beach is excellent for surfing. The Medewi beach is ramps shaped on the western side with a curve to the south where there is a line of fishing boats moored so that adds to the beauty panorama of beaches. When the afternoon at the beach, visitors can also see the beautiful natural scenery in which will appear the moment the sun will set. From the top of the beach that is set back, every visitor can enjoy a beautiful panorama of the ocean around Medewi with the waves were great while sitting.

Gilimanuk beach

Gilimanuk beach
Gilimanuk beach

Gilimanuk beach is the most western coast of Bali island, serves as a gate between Bali and the other Indonesian islands to the west. The beauty of the beach Gilimanuk composed of various the coastal reefs, white sand beach, black sand beach and mangrove forests. Exotic scenery beautiful underwater reef for divers and snorkel. Two small islands in the bay which is almost nothing more than a mound of sand are the Kalong island (Bat Island) and the Bird island (Bird Island). For tourists who want to know more about the history of Bali, there is also an archaeological museum pre-Hindu. The village community around Gilimanuk consists of a mixture of ethnic Balinese, Javanese, Madurese and Bugis. Views of beach dotted with a variety of ships belonging to ethnic groups.

The town is built around the main ferry terminal which operates 24 hours a day transporting just about everything back and forth. It truly is a sight to be seen and locals often joke that the port does not run as well

The traditional culinary from gilimanuk which is very famous is the Betutu Chicken, chicken which is cooked with a very spicy seasoning, with gives the taste very delicious and tender and an unforgettable experience after eating chicken betutu. The Betutu Chicken which famous is named the Betutu Chicken “Men Tempeh”.

The Gilimanuk Museum is one of the important link of the history of civilization of the island. The lack of information for visitors about the existence of hundreds of ancient human skeleton were found around the area of the museum. Site Gilimanuk like the grave of an early humans.

The Gilimanuk museum located at Jembrana district, about 130 kilometers west of the city of Denpasar. Quiet atmosphere and sealed the main door is often “cheat” who thinks museum visitors closed. The presence of visitors in the museum include rare. Not necessarily every day visitors come to the museum. The majority of visitors are touring troupe of students from Bali. Museum operates during business hours and closed on Saturday and Sunday.

Located in the Gulf of Gilimanuk, the museum was almost always escape the usual tourist glances visit at the weekend. Moreover, museum signage stuck on the back and small size. Just a side door open. An excavation was left gaping holes and into the dumpster in the front yard.

What the museum on his day believed to be the fishing village from time perundagian (Bronze Age), or about 600 years before Christ until the year AD 800.

Kelating beach

Kelating Beach
Kelating Beach

Kelating beach located in the village Kelating, Kerambitan District, Tabanan. Distance to the location from the tabanan 13 km and 33 km from Denpasar City and approximately 60 minutes drive from Ngurah Rai when using a motor vehicle. Villagers around the coast Kelating mostly as farmers and fishermen, but with the changing times there are currently switched professions as merchants and employees.

In the Kelating beach area you can do a lot of activities such as swimming, sunbathing, relaxing or playing beach ball. With its beautiful black sand beaches as other Tabanan, the Nyanyi Beach or Kedungu, making it looks shiny during the day. In the Kelating beach there are also temple called the Pura Timan Agung, where are temple will be crowded on the visit when certain rituals that have become cultural customs of Hindus in Bali.

Usually there are many people here who do the fishing activity in the area near the temple, because there are so many Kelating Coast marine life with a variety of types, so the beach is also a source of life of the people in the village Kelating, Tabanan. So it is appropriate that this be Kelating Beach marine tourism that is worth trying if you traveled to the beaches in Bali attractions.

The Kelating beach is very wide, ramps and large undulating. The position of the beach facing south with views of the beautiful and charming. Atmosphere Kelating still quiet beach and is perfect for the tranquility. At mid-afternoon the visitors who come to enjoy the panoramic sunset.

To support the improvement of Tourism beach in Bali Tabanan area in particular, Kelating Coast have also built several luxury and quality villas that can be an option for those who want to enjoy more time on the beach Kelating. In addition, many stalls that surround the beach to make the visitors more convenient to enjoy culinary quality, street food sold in these stalls. For those who are planning trips to the beach attractions in Bali, the beach kelating as one appropriate alternative.

Keramas beach

Keramas beach
Keramas beach

Keramas beach in Keramas village, District Blahbatu, Gianyar regency, which can be reached with a time of about 20-25 minutes from the city of Gianyar, which is only about 6 km away. Keramas Beach can be reached from Kuta with Sanur and then along the east coast through the Road By-Pass Ida Bagus Mantra is the fastest way that will take approximately 45 minutes driving through the main street and take the dirt road to the beach Keramas.

The Keramas beach is very popular with beginner and intermediate surfers, during the dry season comes onshore wind between at 10 or 11, so you have to get there early, but if the waves were pretty good, then you can still surf until the afternoon. In the rainy season, the water is murky because the sea will flow rivers of water directly onto the beach, but the surf was good and the wind was not too strong.

The origin of Keramas is said from words “keramas” in the Indonesian language. But the original name of the area is Kuramas, derived from a combination of the word “Kura” which means “turtle” and “mas” meaning “gold”, for some time past the turtles would come to bury the eggs in the black sand warm. Later the name changed to Keramas, the Monkey gold of the word “monkey” which means “monkey” and “mas” still means gold, but where these apes went remains a mystery.

The Keramas beach conditions are still very natural and as not crowded as the other beaches, a very long coastline with a vast stretch of black sand and big waves make this beach a favorite destination for surfers. Keramas Beach with big waves and is one of Bali’s famous surf spot, ideal for hotels or villas with good access and close to the safari park attractions. The Keramas beach is one of the beaches in Bali that has the best waves, so it is often used as a place of international surfing competitions, as well as to promote the Keramas beach as one of the best beaches in the world for surfing.

Nyanyi beach

Nyanyi beach
Nyanyi beach

Nyanyi beach in Beraban village, district of Kediri, precisely in the east of Tanah Lot, a distance of approximately 13 km from the city of Tabanan which can be taken about 15 minutes drive. If you come to Bali and want to enjoy unspoiled beaches, The Nyanyi beach is an alternative choice that you should visit.

The Nyanyi beach is quite broad with black sands and bumpy. The Nyanyi beach is not much different from most beaches in Tabanan regency. Atmosphere of the beach is still beautiful and natural is perfect for visitors who love the tranquility and comfort. Panorama is very charming beach during the full moon, many visitors come here to see the beauty. Ashore activities that can be done is to relax, swim and sunbathe.

Called the Nyanyi beach because the beach located at the Nyanyi villages, so to make it easier to remember this place and called the Nyanyi beach. Residents around most of livelihood as farmers and fishermen, it can be seen from the existing fields before entering the area while the location for the fishing boats are on the south coast Nyanyi. Atmosphere beaches are well-organized and natural as well as away from the noise of a motor vehicle, so the beach is very suitable for those who intend honeymoon or making love as spelled out not many people came.

The Nyanyi beach is not many visited by tourist yet due to it still the hidden surf point in the island of god where no many surfers know it yet. It is only visited by local community in particular during holiday season for recreation purpose. This beach is blessed by the breathtaking view of sunset that creates the romantic nuance for every visitor who comes and enjoys the beach. This beach is only suitable for relaxation but it is not suitable for swimming due to the characteristic of waves is very strong current.

Black sand will look shiny when exposed to sunlight touches that make anyone felt at home. Likewise, the large waves often makes foreign tourists at the beach surfing hobby doing this. The beauty and panoramic beach always anticipated a lot of people. Bali can be so popular because it is also the presence of many beaches. There are many activities that can be done on the beach, such as swimming, sea bathing, surfing, boat rides, or to bring an idea to fantasize. One of the recommended beaches for you to visit is the Nyanyi Beach.

Soka Beach

Soka Beach
Soka Beach

Soka Beach is located in the village of Antap, Selemadeg subdistrict, Tabanan regency at the main road connecting Jembrana to Denpasar. Distance from Denpasar about 45 km and a distance of about 84 Km Gilimanuk. Vehicles that pass very solid from morning till evening, because it is the only way to the island of Java.

On the east coast of Soka there are caves in the cliff, called caves the Power Bulung which many the swallow nest. On the west side lies coconut groves along the coast, here is there is an inn “Balian Beach Bungalow” and the Balian river which is for rafting. The Soka beach has been known since long time because it bypassed by the highway Denpasar-Gilimanuk. In the western hills bounded by the one with the mountain Batukaru in the north. In the East Mount Agung and Mount Batukaru and to the south is Ocean Indonesia. In the north vaguely from a distance look blambangan (Banyuwangi) in Java.

Paddy fields and coconut groves add to the beauty of lush scenery here. In the afternoon when the sun goes down, in the Pura Luhur Serijong very similar to Tanah Lot tourist atmosphere. Soka Beach also harbored a thousand tales of the wonders of nature with a legend. There are a rock surrounded by sand and sea, measuring approximately 3 m, called “Payuk Kebo Iwa.” Payuk means rice pot, as  the rice pot Kebo Iwo. In the West, the Pura Luhur Serijong addition, there are rocks just like a native kitchen, measuring approximately 1 x 20 m. Therein Kebo Iwa cooking  with using the rice pot. It is perfectly reasonable, since a large rice pot and Kebo Iwo according to legend was a young Balinese with high body size large, well-built and powerful.

The Pura Luhur Serijong, built almost simultaneously with the Pura Rambut Siwi in Jembrana and Pura Tanah Lot, which in the sixteenth century by Bawu Rauh Rauh, as well as having the same status. The beauty of the panoramic view of the atmosphere and the merging of the hills southern tip of Bali and its waves, and away from the noise makes this object a peaceful atmosphere, and visitors will feel at home enjoying a peaceful nature. View of the beach is really very exotic be thrilling and romantic feeling and when visiting this location.

Ujung beach

Ujung beach
Ujung beach

Ujung beach located in Tumbu Village, Karangasem district, about 62 km from the city of Denpasar. About 2 hours by car from Ngurah Rai or about 75 km to the east. Name “Ujung” in the take of the name the park in the vicinity of the Taman Ujung Soekasada. Besides the Ujung beach of own Karangasem regency there are other beaches such as beach Amed, Candidasa, Balina and Tulamben. If you are planning a vacation in the east of the island of Bali you can find a hotel or lodging in Candidasa area, from here about 10 km to the east.

The beach is probably not as famous as like other beaches in Karangasem, but that does not mean the beach is rarely visited by tourists. In fact many tourists both foreign and domestic tourists who visit here. This beach has only gravel and rock, but talking about it is very amazing panorama. Character as one of Bali’s most beautiful beaches in the Ujung Beach.

The Ujung Beach beauty will look especially when twilight. So no wonder that this beach before twilight will frequently visited by tourists to just unwind and buy fresh fish catch of fishermen. On the beach looks a lot of fishing boats leaning over the edge, something that indicates that this beach is the fishermen beach to catch fish, other than as a tourist attraction.

Why was named The Ujung beach? Investigate a calibaration, origin of the name “Ujung” is used because the beach is located opposite the park Soekasada end, so easy to remember the beach is named the same as the end of the park. Since being on the coast then surely livelihoods around the coast are fishermen everywhere their catch to be sold directly on the beach.

On the beach you will see the other side of life, earthy and exciting atmosphere while enjoying the beautiful beach or may buy fresh fish to eat with the family. Be prepared to make a plan later you will visit this beach with people who loved and became an important part of your life.


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