Adventure On Moyo Island

For lovers of nature and the underwater world, three kilometers off the North coast of Sumbawa lies Moyo Island, a pristine environment with rugged coastlines and a grassy savannah home to all sorts of wildlife.

Moyo island has become more famous with the visit or Princess Diana of England who sought refuge on this island from the paparazzi.

The main attraction of this island lies beneath the surface of the ocean. Moyo is surrounded by beautiful untouched coral reefs which are ideal for snorkeling. Swim with white tip reef sharks, dive next to blue spotted sting rays, encounter a school of tropical fish. These experiences in the tropical warm waters of Indonesia will be unforgettable.

Moyo Island, West Nusa Tenggara
Moyo Island, West Nusa Tenggara (Source :

Back on land, two thirds of the island is a game reserve. Wildlife here includes deer, feral cattle and a variety of different types of birds. From great billed herons, spotted brahminy kites to white bellied sea eagles – bird watchers will be in for a treat with the amount of birds that make this island their home.

Archeology and cultural buffs shouldn’t miss a visit to Batu Tering traditional village where you can see the remains of an extinct megalithic culture. After you check in with the village chief, ask for a guide to show you round Airnung where you can see the remains of old rulers and ancient relief carvings.


The Amawana Resort is truly a remote paradise. Located in the island’s reserve, you will never be bothered by distractions from the outside world. This secluded and intimate hotel has attracted world famous guests including Princess Diana. Guests stay in tailor made tents where curious deer may just peek in as they walk by. Many travelers come to Moyo on a day trip from Sumbawa however there is basic accommodation available at the nature conservation post at Tanjung Pasir.

Tanjung Pasir beach, Moyo island in Sumbawa
Tanjung Pasir beach, Moyo island in Sumbawa (Source :


You can arrange a boat from Sumbawa Besar. Your hotel may be able to arrange this for you, or you can go in person to the jetty at Muara Kali and bargain for a boat.

There is the option of taking a faster, more expensive speed boat or, if the wind is suitable, sail across in a local fishing outrigger. The outrigger takes double the time but it is a peaceful and pleasant way to soak up the atmosphere.


It’s best to visit Moyo Island in the dry season from June through to August.

Bring your own snorkel and fins as there is nowhere on the island to rent these.

Don’t snorkel off the tip of Tanjung Pasir as the currents are very strong.

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