Saba beach, Biak

Biak, The Charms Of The Papua Island

Biak is probably the first stop for travellers heading into the untamed landscape of Papua. Biak is an island located just off the north coast of mainland Papua and is served by planes coming from Java, Sulawesi and Flores. Citilink is a good option of airline. Biak is a great place to have as your[…]

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Lorentz National Park, Papua

Lorentz National Park, The Biodiversity Of Papua

An archipelago of tropical Islands nestled on the equator, active volcanoes, sun drenched beaches and who could forget the spicy food that will start a fire in your mouth, the problem is where does snow fit into all of this? Ladies and Gentlemen, we present to you Gunung Jaya standing at 5.039 meters high with[…]

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Baliem festival, Wamena

Wamena, The Main City in The Baliem Valley Of West Papua

People heading to Wamena are here for one thing only and that is trekking in the Baliem Valley. The only real way you will arrive is by flight landing at the very basic airport. Susi Air is the best option to take you to Wamena. The town itself is rather drab however there is a great[…]

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Mentawai tribe, North Sumatra

Authentic Sumatra, Ecotourism in Nagari Sungai Pinang, West Sumatra

“Nagari Sungai Pinang is a small fishermen village located not far from Padang, the capital city of West Sumatra. This paradise is a closely guarded amazingly beautiful secret as not many people know about it. Authentic Sumatra offers you to stay in an typical wooden bungalow near the Indian ocean and under the coconut trees. In[…]

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cycling tour

The Great Lombok Sumbawa Adventure

What could two English teachers possibly want from a holiday? Take our hobbies and profession, add them all together and you will come up with The Great Lombok Sumbawa Adventure. 2 Mountain bikes 1 Camera 4 Legs 2 Islands 2 Crazy English Teachers 4 Government Schools 320 English Students 1 Dennis Day ONE Senggigi Lombok[…]

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Climbing the Mount Gede

Gunung Gede Pangrango National Park, Mountains in West Java

The twin peaks of this park speak of a turbulent natural past. Heat, rock and ash push and thrust to create this spectacular mountain yet the story does not finish there. Today, there is continued activity, which pushes these peaks higher and higher now standing at 2,958 m and 3,029 m. Yet this is a[…]

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Buffaloes in Alas Purwo National Park, Banyuwangi

The Nature Reserve Of Banyuwangi, Alas Purwo National Park

Hidden in the most eastern part of Java is a peninsula of approximately 44,000 hectares that is home to the Alas Purwo National Park. There are 2 distinguishing features about this area, the highs and the lows. Both provide a challenge for humans to reach their best. The Highs. At the top of the active[…]

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Halimun Salak National Park, West Java

Ecotourism Tour, Gunung Halimun National Park

Jakarta has many wonderful qualities but sometimes the fact that we can escape from Jakarta is its best feature. Where to go, Gunung Halimun National Park is a cool refreshing spot that connects a weary soul with nature and gives you a chance to rejuvenate. Only 80 km south west of Jakarta this national reserve[…]

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The Meru Betiri National Park

Meru Betiri National Park, The Natural Charm Of East Java

This is a strange and unusual park due to its remoteness allowing it to hold its natural charm and wild virtues. With 50,000 hectares, this park holds a fantastic evergreen jungle that is waiting to be discovered. Around 200 km from Surabaya and 75 km from the main Bali to Java port, Ketapang, the main[…]

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Fauna in indonesia

Indonesian Wildlife, Diversity Of Wildlife

The Diversity of Wildlife. Indonesia is one of the greatest places in the world to experience the richness of wildlife diversity. This is a bold claim yet one that can be supported again and again. It has the highest number of species of mammals in the world, with a staggering 515 types. Beyond this you will[…]

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The shoppers on Poppies street in Kuta, Bali

Art And Skill Of Shopping

The Art and Skill of shopping. Yes it is an art, moving with finesse and skills interpreting gestures and tones to get the best price in the shortest length of time and actually enjoying the process. In Indonesia, this is all possible and will be a fun and exciting part of your adventure. Get there early if you[…]

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Indonesia Gifts

Top Gifts From Indonesia

From the heartlands of inner Indonesia with its surplus of wealth, spectacular palaces, ancient traditions, music, drama and dance to the wilds of the almost forgotten and isolated islands, Indonesia offers local artwork that captures it all. Styles that take the best from across the shipping routes of Asia Africa combined with an abundance of[…]

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Cycling in Flores, Indonesia

The Flores Bike Adventure

Destination: East Nusa Tenggara more specifically Maumere. Getting there seemed to be an adventure in itself as we were greeted at Jakarta International airport with a cancelled sign and no real possibility of another flight. Eventually we were loaded bikes and all on to a Garuda flight to Denpasar. Unfortunately, we had missed our connecting[…]

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Orang pendek from Sumatra

Orang Pendek, The Little Man Of The Forest

Hobbits, Big Foot’s cousin Little Foot, Little man of the forest call it what you will but the search has been going on for hundreds of years for “Orang Pendek” (Short Person). The western world first learnt of this half human creature in the 1400’s when Sir John Mandeville returned to Europe with reports of[…]

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The lake of Seven Mountain, Kerinci Seblat National Park

Kerinci Seblat National Park, The Barisan Mountain

The Barisan Mountain range dominates the coast south of Padang in Sumatra. Here sits 1.5 million hectares of lush rain forest in hands reach of one of the major cities in Sumatra, Kerinci Seblat National Park. At the peak of this range, sits Gunung Kerinci towering over all that rests below. At 3,805 meters this[…]

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