Ambonese Dance

Maluku, The Moluccas Or The Spice Islands

Maluku – The Moluccas – Jazirat al-Muluk – The Island of the Kings – The Spice Islands – the names themselves invoke a sense of adventure, of mystery, and hint of something to be discovered, stirring that yearning which lives deep within all of us who travel and demands to be fed. When you arrive in Maluku,[…]

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Asmat Tribe in Papua

Papua, The Paradise Islands

The Indonesian provinces of Papua and West Papua cover the western half of the world’s second largest island – New Guinea. The eastern half of the island is the independent nation of Papua New Guinea. Papua’s secrets are deeply held by the tallest mountains between the Himalayas and the Andes, dense rainforests, and lack of[…]

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Golden Jakarta Tour

NATIONAL MONUMENT This 137-meter-high column towering over Merdeka Square is both Jakarta’s principal landmark. Topped by a glittering flame symbolizes the nation’s independence. The flame is gilded with 35 kg of gold leaf. The basement of the monument houses an exhibit of 48 dramatic dioramas depicting the history of Indonesia from prehistoric times to the present.[…]

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Jakarta Dreamland Tour

Ancol Dreamland (Taman Impian Jaya Ancol ) Located on Jakarta Bay in North Jakarta, Ancol Dreamland is Indonesia’s largest and most diverse recreational facility. The 24-hour complex offers an incredibly wide array entertainment options from family oriented entertainment, to late night adult options. The main gate is open 24-hours – the various attractions operate on[…]

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Kampoeng The Old Batavia Tour

NATIONAL MUSEUM The National Museum, built in 1862, is the best museum in Indonesia and is reputedly one of the finest in Southeast Asia. The museum has an enormous collection of cultural objects of the various ethnic groups-costumes, musical instruments, model houses, numerous fine bronzes from the Hindu-Javanese period, as well as many interesting stone[…]

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