Horsecarts along Malioboro street, Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta Transport And Travel

A lot of different types of trasport are available in Yogyakarta. There are ranging from buses and minibuses to traditional transport like ‘becak’ (bicycle rickshaws), and ‘andong’ and ‘dokar’ (horse-drawn carts). The busiest is bus transport. There are many different routes are served by bus. The bus station is the Terminal Giwangan. With the bus[…]

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Mesa island, The bajo villages

Komodo Liveaboard

Do you still remember the Indonesian Cruises of Ombak Putih Vessel? Well, this one of the trips of Ombak Putih Vessel, Komodo Liveaboard. It takes 5 days. Departs from Labuanbajo and at the fifth day, the cruise ship will arrive back to Labuanbajo. The first destination is uninhabited Island of Sabolon, a few hours of[…]

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Indonesian Cruises, Ombak Putih

Indonesian Cruises

Indonesia is an archipelago consisting of more than 13,000 islands. And the nature of Indonesia has a good potential for marine tourism. Although, there are not many, but there have been several Indonesian cruises which will provide a wonderful experience for you. More often wade in the Nusa Tenggara / Lesser Sunda Islands. Lesser Sunda[…]

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Raja Ampat Misool Eco Resort, West Papua

Misool Eco Resort, The Dive Resort Of Raja Ampat

One of Raja Ampat accommodation is Misool Eco Resort, located in a private resort island, Batbitim, a white sandy beaches island with clear lagoon dan abundant reefs, in southern Raja Ampat Archipelago, about 4 hours away by speedboat from Sorong. Well, after you arrive in Sorong, Misool Eco Resort has provided Marandan, a brand new[…]

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Panaitan island, Ujung Kulon

Surfing Paradise, The Panaitan Island

Panaitan Surfing Panaitan Island is part of Ujung Kulon National Park, West Java. The island is uninhabited and has a dense forest that becomes home to many animals such as deer, wild boar, monkey, python, birds, several species of crocodiles and giant lizards. However, some ancient Hindu statue which sits atop the Mount Raksa indicates[…]

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G-land Surfing

G-Land : Plengkung Beach, A Paradise For Surfers

G Land Surfing Plengkung beach or known by surfers as the G-Land is a paradise for surfers from around the world. G derived from the word Grajagan, the name of a bay that has the big waves in Banyuwangi, East Java and located in deep inside the lowland tropical rain forest of the Alas Purwo[…]

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Misool Island, Raja Ampat

West Papua Diving Sites

Papua island is a hot and humid island. Rising from the sea with the most impenetrable jungles in the world and also has snowcaps covering 5,000 meters – Jayawijaya Mountain peaks, towering over glacier lakes. Western side of the island is a part of Indonesia and the eastern side is an independent country, Papua New[…]

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Bintan island, Riau archipelago

Bintan Cheap Accommodation

Tropical holidays in Bintan cheap accommodation. With the white sandy beaches and lush rainforest that serve a beautiful panorama, having holiday in Bintan will be a proper place to escape from daily routine business. Bintan Island is the biggest island in Riau Archipelago Province in Indonesia, which covers 2,402.28 km2. Located not far from Singapore,[…]

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Plaosan Temple, Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta Temples

Yogyakarta and its surrounding areas are famous for its cultural attractions from the past. One of them is Yogyakarta Temples. Two famous temples of Yogyakarta are Borobudur and Prambanan. These two temples have been discussed in previous articles. Here is a glance about the other temples of Yogyakarta. Mendut Temple Mendut Temple, is located 3[…]

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Batu Bolong Cottages, Lombok

Lombok Cottages

As a tourist destination, Lombok island, always provide best service for the convenience of the guests holiday. Accommodation is the important part of a tourism industry. Therefore, as one form of accommodation will now be commonly found Lombok Cottages. Not want to lose of other accommodation such as hotels, villas and resorts, the cottages also[…]

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