The Planetarium, Jakarta

Jakarta’s Awesome Planetarium And Observatory

Few people realize that the capital city of Jakarta has an impressive Planetarium and Observatory. Located in Central Jakarta, it is situated at Jalan Cikini within the Taman Ismail Marzuki  (TIM) Arts complex. The brainchild of Indonesia’s President Soekarno, it was his dream that the Planetarium would become a place where the Indonesian people could learn and research the vastness and[…]

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Gedung Pancasila where the pancasila was announced to the world by Sukarno

The Pancasila Building, Historical Moments in Indonesia’s Fight For Independence

Another important building in Jakarta that witnessed historical moments in Indonesia’s fight for Independence and the establishment of the Constitution for the new Republic of Indonesia, is the Pancasila Building. This is a small palatial building that now houses the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but continues to be called Gedung Pancasila. Here, on 1 June 1945 (two months prior to Indonesia’s[…]

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Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa, Jakarta

Invigorating Spa Experiences in The Heart Of Jakarta

Jakarta, the metropolitan capital of Indonesia, may be a modern city made up largely of highrise buildings and busy offices and shopping malls, however, it is also a city of contrasts. A one or two-hours’ drive can lead you to lush tropical forests that would have you forgiven for thinking you had stumbled into a[…]

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Graha Wisata

Jakarta’s Student Hostels And Backpackers Hotels

Offering a wide range of hotels from the super deluxe to budget hotels, Indonesia’s capital city, Jakarta also has availavable student hostels and low budget accommodation for backpackers. There are two student hostels subsidized by the provincial government of Jakarta, that are called Graha Wisata Hotels. These are located at the Taman Mini Indonesia (Indonesia in Miniature) complex, and one[…]

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Tribute to Batik, Pasaraya

Pasaraya, The Pride Of Indonesia

If you are looking for Indonesian handicrafts, souvenirs or gifts for friends back home, or are longing for aromatic Indonesian coffee and genuine Indonesian food, then search no further than Pasaraya. Pasaraya is a large mall in the heart of Blok M by the bus terminal in Kebayoran, South Jakarta. Although this is one of the[…]

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Istana Negara, Jakarta

The Fascinating Of Istana Merdeka And Istana Negara

Standing majestically on the north side of the large Merdeka Square stands Istana Merdeka, or the Freedom Palace, the Official Residence and Office of the President of the Republic of Indonesia. Facing the large Merdeka Square, here every 17th August  on Indonesia’s Independence Day the State Ceremony is held on its steps and the palace gardens[…]

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The elephants, Ragunan zoo

Ragunan Zoo, Combining The Concept Of Zoo And Park

From the charming Orangutan living in the deep tropical rainforests of Kalimantan to the legendary Komodo dragon in Flores, the Indonesian Archipelago – with its uniquely diverse natural characteristics – is home to some of the most fascinating animals of the world. To encounter these amazing creatures, one does not, however, need to make long adventurous journeys into the[…]

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Babakan Lake or Setu babakan

Setu Babakan : Betawi Village Communities in Jakarta

Located at Srengseng Sawah in the subdistrict of Jagakarsa in South Jakarta, is Setu Babakan, a man-made lake that is a water catchment area for the city of Jakarta. The lake receives its water from the Ciliwung river that flows here from the mountains of West Java. Covering an area of around 30 hectares, this peaceful lake is surrounded by[…]

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Jakarta's Textile Museum

Visit The Jakarta’s Textile Museum

The Indonesian islands are famous for their magnificent hand-woven cloths, colors and designs in material and creations, some intricate, others stunning in their pure simplicity. Each of the thousands of Indonesian islands produces its specific textile, most often based on philosophical and religious values that have been handed down through the generations. To get a[…]

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The Jin De Yuan or Vihara Dharma Bhakti

Jakarta’s Oldest Chinese Temple

Jakarta has no less than 140 Chinese temples across this sprawling cosmopolitan city. However, oldest among them all is the temple at Petak Sembilan in Jakarta’s Chinatown, locally better known as Glodok. Originally built in 1650 by Chinese lieutenant Kwee Hoen, the temple was called Koan Im Teng, dedicated to the goddess Kwan Im. In[…]

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Vihara Tanda Bhakti, Jalan Kemenangan 3

The Chinatown Of Glodok, Jakarta

Throughout history, Chinatown has always been dubbed as a hub of activity, a pillar of the economy, and a key element in each city. Situated in the district of Taman Sari in West Jakarta, in the capital city of Indonesia, Glodok is touted as the largest Chinatown region in the country and one of the largest in the world.[…]

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Pari island, Thousand islands

Exploring Underwater Of Pari Island

“Pari island’s western coasts include five smaller islands, namely: Gudus Island (Pulau Gudus), Middle Island (Pulau Tengah), Beautiful Bird Island (Pulau Burung Indah), Partnership Island (Pulau Kongsi) and Rat Island (Pulau Tikus). The island-clustered lagoon that promises panoramic views is best explored by snorkeling or simply walking along the coasts of clean, white sandy beaches.”[…]

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The iconic Cathedral church, Jakarta

Jakarta’s Neo Gothic Catholic Cathedral

Jakarta’s neo-gothic Roman Catholic Cathedral stands on the north corner of Lapangan Banteng, or Banteng Square, which, during the Dutch colonial period was called Waterlooplein, or Waterloo Square in Central Jakarta.  Today, the Cathedral stands right across Jakarta’s largest mosque, the Istiqlal Mosque. Their proximity is not a coincidence. Indonesia’s first president, Soekarno, chose the site for[…]

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An-Nawier mosque

Heritage Mosques in Jakarta’s Old Batavia

Two mosques in Old Batavia that were built in the 18th and 19th century respectively are the An-Nawier  mosque and the Masjid Langgar Tinggi at Pekojan, now more familiarly known as Kampung Arab or the Arab village, in West Jakarta. Before the Arabs, the neighborhood was dominated by Muslim Indians from Bengal. The name Pekojan is said to derive from the word “Khoja”[…]

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The Bank Mandiri Museum, Jakarta

The Bank Mandiri Museum, To See Old-style Banking

Different from its next door neighbor, the Bank of Indonesia Museum, which showcases the monetary history of the Indonesian archipelago, the Bank Mandiri Museum displays the interior of an actual Bank as it was in days gone by. Bank Mandiri Museum is located on Jalan Lapangan Stasiun No. 1 facing Jakarta’s Fatahillah Museum across the Plaza, which is now known[…]

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